5 stages of Tai Chi Awareness

5 stages of Tai Chi Awareness
Calm to aware the details not try hard  to do the move well.
1. In every present feel foot first – don’t move if this awareness is not present.
2. Aware the power from foot to create the laser line centre.(imagine someone pull the crown of your head up)
3. Feel Centre point / Dan Tien (puma stomach) – like rolling ball – can create waterman – constantly charge puma stomach (curve up from lower stomach/pelvis) strong, stronger, strongest, Relax ♨ and repeat the cycle. Squeeze bum EQUAL strength with that process.
4. Feel balloon chest (no arch) and all the joints are open whole body light. Neck and chin remain relaxed but straight – chin gentle down.
5. Hand and Knuckles – follow process – relaxed and then stretching to the most open and then again flow into different positions. Moving and changing like a cloud. Energy comes out of the fingers to create silk worm line awareness.

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