No-I Martial arts training: Seated

No-I Martial Arts

  • Lie down
  • Start to flow your energy
  • Flow your whole body energy as one piece
  • Flow lighter and lighter until searching heart slows down
  • Return back to neutral, balanced, harmony, flowing all the energy around your body to let go of everything. Everything that you hold in your body as tense.
  • Start to slow down your flow until you naturally come to a resting place
  • Let your body be completely quiet and light.
  • This is the starting point of the highest level of martial arts.
  • From here start to feel your first chakra, Dan tien, rolling the energy up to your body.
  • Rotate you whole body up to sitting position with this power.Now your sitting upright, you can sit proud as if a string is lifting your head and centre up straight.
  • Then like the string being cut on a puppet, let everything fall. Naturally you will fall to on side, use this to roll the power from Dan tien to lift everything up and flow the power out.
  • Don’t bother trying to go fast or explode.
  • Try to flow with no tension to every angle.
  • Until you’re not limited by angles and can release tension as you flow.
  • Then start to build speed and work toward explosion.
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