4 kinds of blindness

Blindness has 4 kinds:


1 . Not aware of

For that is blind pure
( like a baby just born )


2. Aware of the wrong way, but think it is right .

For that is blind innocent

Most blind fear inside of us, creates this type of thinking.
( like Amy, Jonathan, and many others ..)


3. Knowing aware in the wrong way, and is bad for yourself, but still do it.

For that is blind stupid habit

( like Monkey drinking too much , makes himself more and more stupid )?
( like Horse don’t like to hear people tell him he does something wrong, so he will support his ego first )?

Or everyone…
( observe what is your blind stupid habit which it is a wrong habit, and you still support it .)?


4. Knowing that it is wrong to do, also it is bad for others life , and enjoy to do it also..

For that is blind hell karma

This blindness of hell karma make you go away from pure kindness and care for others..
If you do something so, bow to Hell Bodhisattva, and stop do it ..??

Blindness create unlimited suffering, we all should developing wisdom ability and discipline to brightly aware of them, to release all suffering and pain.

like Observing Self-Being Bodhisattva ????