8 Spiritual Hearts for not getting polluted

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Spiritual Hearts for not getting polluted


To build foundation to help pre-Bodhisattva consciousness help other life without getting themselves polluted. 


At first, experience beginner/developing stage of Perfect Four Eternal Hearts.

Then chance to goto Amitaba Pure Land.

Final to reach Awakened Perfect Unlimited Awareness Buddha.


  1. Kindness without Ego
  2. Caring without negative personal emotion
  3. Joy without stupidity
  4. Freedom without greed
  5. Purify Blindness by seeing through Iillusion Being
  6. Purify Searching Heart
  7. Purify Comparing Heart
  8. Purify Possessive Heart


Remember that clean is clean, but trying to stop something, or trying to clean something, is already creating a want, a searching FOR something. So it is not correct. 

That is how careful and precise true wisdom is that not even one word can be wrong.

Story: A Bodhisattva visits Pure Name Buddha

A Bodhisattva came to visit Pure Name Buddha. When he arrived he says to Pure Name Buddha “Woah, all your Bodhisattva here are higher level than us, but you all make your appearance look like humans. You hide all your ability. Why do you do that?

Pure Name Buddha tells him that before they travel to planet Earth, you have to be aware of the position and level of consciousness on that planet. You should match them, make your body smaller, and not so beautiful perfect so not to make them feel ashamed, you are not going there to shock them, instead you should match their style of perfect, don’t create this kind of comparing heart for them because, the spiritual consciousness there is still low-level.

So 9 million Bodhisatveas changed appearance.

When they arrive, they look at Earth and they go, Ewww, this planet so low-level and terrible. 

Of course they still have Ego, but because they are Bodhisattva and use wisdom they don’t follow it, they can control it.

One of them asks Pure Name Buddha, “if someone is a pre-Bodhisattva and wants to help other life, but because they don’t have Bodhisattva ability yet they surely will have a lot of suffering to do that, what can they do?”

Then Pure Name Buddha explains to them to observe and practice this 8 Spiritual Hearts philosophy.

Then he says to them, “If you do that, not only can you help other life, but you can goto Amitaba Pure Land. Actually, if you follow these 8 you will qualify to go to Amitaba Pure Land directly not just to the temple.


Order – Why is the order like that? Because our EGO is trapped to begin with. You never have motivation to develop the last four if you don’t have the 4 Eternal Hearts first to understand what you are looking for.

Of course then you can just understand the words but not how to do it. 

So you have to go back and clean out the next four.

Example – A girl who does Ballet, they don’t like training for 8 hours a day, stay super slim, train so hard without motivation. 

But motivation for them is to stand out, be proud on stage have everyone watch them. That Ego, cause motivation to develop higher in that direction.

Amitaba Pure Land System

This lifetime – if one side, you see through how so many things develop for NOTHING….other side willing to develop Four Eternal Hearts.

If you do that you right away qualify not even just for temple, for Pure Land directly.

But all that comes from one main point, to see through all the blind illusion.

So your own trust appear when you use choose to use wisdom, to see through illusion being, use true wisdom to create spiritual karma, then not gamble with your life.

You create cause to become wise.


  1. Order – why each order flows like that?
  2. EFG – what is essence, function and goal of this philosophy?
  3. Direction
  4. Illusion Being vs consciousness
  5. Too dry? Where’s reality, feeling, desire, excitement – not just mental – mental is a tool to understand something
  6. How it connects to Pure Land?