Six Bodhisattva Character – Form


Steam your hands up – land right-hand lotus position on knee – left hand lotus slide down right shoulder

Purify your heart like lotus. Use convenient wisdom. Purify others to become a new lotus.

Another lifetime, stay with will. Purify your heart again. Connect to different life. Open your hand, open your heart. Help other life to purify and become a new lotus.

Purify your past, present and future every life. Open your hand, open your heart, help every life to become the new lotus.

Past is your connection, present is your current lifetime, future is all the other life you’re going to connect to. And that is true generosity. True generosity is purify yourself and everyone out of suffering.



No beginning no end pose, left fist holds right index finger by left shoulder proud chest relaxed

Discipline need a lot of concentration to bring out the power joined together.

And discipline the final one is no beginning no end.

True discipline is to understand life completely. Because when you understand life completely, there is no more searching.

Your eyes will close, searching nothing.

Your brain consciousness will shut down, think of nothing.

Your heart is open to be aware, observing life.



Tai Chi sign rolling – three eternal Dharma truth hand pose with circle fingers joined

Tai Chi is an illusion of eternity.

Aware eternal changing (rolling)  And stay with pure eternal essence (still)

And that is eternal patience.

Patience to be aware of all the illusion.

Patience to remain with your pure intention, pure essence.



Flow up into 3 eternal hearts hand pose top and bottom.

Concentrate to truly understand the 3 Eternal dharma truths so you can reach buddahood.

And concentrate to use 3 Eternal dharma truths to help awaken other life.

From top you learn to become Buddha, from under you learn to guiding other life to understand eternal truth.

And when your heart is in this direction it is 100% pure concentration of developing wisdom.



Flow hands against imaginary barrier stop

Time stop.

Time stop, everything is emptiness, and no more greediness.

No greediness, no bad karma.

Empty heart is free, to create 4 eternal hearts, help every life.

Timing one hand lift up and back down



Wisdom pose one hand lotus touching temple, one resting on opposite knee.

Wisdom comes from observation.

Through observation you are aware of life deeper and deeper.

Finally you will understand the goal of life

Flow to bowing pose

Goal of life is to learn from all the Buddha like Amitabha Buddha.

Lift hands palm upwards

Help every life to get rid of suffering. To get rid of reincarnation.

To help every other life purify their heart into joy.

The ability of Amitabha Buddha to build pure land, help everybody in one lifetime out of reincarnation suffering into eternal birth into unlimited joy – that ability is true wisdom.