spiritual ability and how to create peace in your heart

The Supreme Final Spiritual Abilities

Supreme final spiritual abilities

Basically, Sifu’s ability to keep developing higher without his own Sifu until he reaches Bodhisattva comes from these three.

1. Foundation

– Accept you have negative;

– Don’t lose confidence and go against this by creating another negative against your negative;

– Keep it to yourself. Don’t let it out to others. Keep your attitude humble and only share kind and peaceful.

2. First Supreme final spiritual ability

This called Back to the Essence

– Every day, create pureness to observe yourself, your life and other life with the function to develop more wisdom.

Activities to use as a bridge to this: 

 – Release your tension: stretching, massage, acupuncture, read philosophy, practice generosity to others

 – Train energy systems: Martial Art stretching, Chi Gong, Tai Chi.

3. Second Supreme final spiritual ability

Convenient wisdom

– Practice observing the first two

 – Practice observing your life and how to help myself and others.

Repeat 🙂

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