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How to Truly understand the First and second Eternal Dharma Truths

How to Truly understand the First and second Eternal Dharma Truths

Fastest Way

Never let your blindness control you in any second anymore. You know all this appearing form is constantly changing, so don’t create any more ego in that. Instead create joyful, generous compassionate, harmony, positive, good intention spiritual heart towards every life.

This is the fastest way because you are living in this practice every present, nonstop. You are not practicing to reach somewhere, you are practicing in every present non-stop to have that ability.


Slower Way

Write down all the illusion you have.

Why I have this illusion, is it blind, meaningful, bad karma, spiritual karma?

Be patient to observe and write them down.

Write down all that you are still blind about. This will make you aware of the blindness.

When you are aware of the blindness you will naturally want to get rid of them. Like taking a shower when you know you are dirty. Ask yourself:

  • What is your principle of life?
  • If you have a principle, why?
  • Does that principle makes sense to match the truth that all the appearing form is constantly changing? Does it realise that the purpose of all this changing is to teach us to share and to create perfect pure land four eternal heart intention?

If not then it will be a mixed karma, fake illusion style principle.

If your principle is meaningful it will help you see through all the fake illusion, to constantly create a meaningful intention.

So be careful of the meaning of your life and where all the blindness habit comes from.

Illusion Being

We are scared and fearful of this constantly changing power, we don’t want to face it, and we would rather see life as steady with form and not changing. When your fear controls you, you will not want to face it.

Fear is all that stops us from seeing through this truth. Fear takes all your power away to create blind habit. The fear that takes your power away is the problem because that fear is what causes you to create more fear. So it’s like we are afraid and that afraid creates more afraid. That fear creates more fear, which creates unlimited black hole fear.

This is why Sifu taught:

If we truly exist, we don’t have to worry about if we will die.

If we truly exist we can never not exist.

If we truly did not exist why would we have to worry about not existing? If we don’t exist who is they’re doing the worrying?

If someone is worrying about not existing then they already exist. So we truly exist, but instead of existing without worry, we just create blindness and get stuck in worry. We are eternally always existing, we never die, and your consciousness is no beginning no end. Your consciousness is always eternal, and that‘s the truth.

Four elements is constantly always changing and that’s a truth too. Except that’s got nothing to do with whether you die or don’t die, four elements is always constantly changing, so why do you think you were born or you will die? Nah that was just the trick of the connection.

If I connect to something, for example I connect to clothes, if I burn the clothes I am not dying, same if you connect to this four element body, this is nothing to do with your true self at all. It’s like you connect to a car, the car is not you but if you drive wrong you are still going to cause suffering. So our fear in a blind way creates unlimited fear for no reason.

I don’t trust fear. I am going to teach you how to see through all the fear in your life.

With that same power you can create joy.

Do you want to live in the same way your parents do in all their fear and worry? Do you want to develop that power and have it control you this lifetime and next lifetime for no reason??

So how do we overcome all this fear?

Amitabha Buddha System. When your heart is truly sincere towards his system and wants to follow the three conditions and go to his pure land. You will feel joyful and appreciate his incredible compassion and amazing intention.






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