Buddha says every life is truly free like me

Buddha says every life is truly free like me, but they would rather create a lot of suffering, a lot of blind doubt, create possessive to something not even possible to be possessive to – finally they make a big theatre and a lot of suffering comes, then they have to gain the wisdom, and to learn the wisdom to get rid suffering…the whole process is contradiction suffering

If they had the wisdom not to create the first suffering they wouldn’t need to learn the wisdom to release the suffering 🙂

Humans love drama – first they create the trouble, then they learn how to clean out all the trouble, then they think they so successful, in the end they think they have power to clean out but instead they just put more ego into it

Observing Self Being is aware of all this illusion ego trick nonsense, the power of life stays, the essence stays, he instead going to create a joyful way, then he create a four eternal heart. Life is no more about chasing outside, it’s about checking inside – checking oh, is my heart still see it is all illusion, is my heart still open to care for every life. And when they do that, the power of observation to remain pure becomes stronger and stronger. Then fear disappear.

Every life has to learn equal heart in an unequal mess world 

There’s no ego to clean, it’s only ego that thinks it needs to be cleaned

There no greed, it’s the greed to want to get rid of greed, that creates that greed

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