The Three Eternal Dharma Truths

If observed from time and space and from every angle, the Three Eternal Dharma Truths cannot be broken. Whether you are aware of it or not, they will always remain. Past, present or future, they remain the same truth.

It is the truth about life and how it works, the truth about the whole universe, from every angle.

Dharma is the system of life.

The first Truth is:  All the existing form of Dharma (the mysterious power of life) is constantly changing.

The second Truth is:  All the existing forms of Dharma come from combinations of the other forms.   So all the individual forms just appear to have individual forms.  Truly they have no individuality.

The third Truth is:  The essence of Dharma has no form.  Therefore it always remains calm and unlimited.  This is Nirvana–no beginning, no end.

The First Eternal Dharma Truth

The First Eternal Dharma Truth teaches you that all the appearing forms of dharma – whatever you can sense, whatever has form, and whatever appears – is constantly changing. The changing power process is always there.

Nothing stays the same. If nothing stays the same, it has to change. If it has to change and it cannot change itself, then logically the change must come from “others”. For example, a tree has to change from many “others” – water, sunlight, soil – and changes from a seed to a tree, to grow fruit and create more trees. Humans are the same, created from a combination of others (parents), and we grow by consuming other things (other appearing forms).

All the appearing forms change from other appearing forms. It doesn’t change from one form to others as this implies that there is an original form; rather, one form comes from a combination of others. If there was a time when there was just one, it could not change. How could it appear if it could not change to appear? What would it be created from if it couldn’t change to find/create its form?

So appearing form doesn’t come from self, it comes from others (others = combinations of other appearing form).

All appearing form comes from others, therefore all the appearing form has no true self; it all appears, but comes from everything else. If everything comes from everything else, then how did it start? It’s possible but not possible, yet everything is still there.

Life has the power to make everything appear, but truly there is nothing there at the same time.

The First Eternal Dharma Truth teaches you that appearing form has to change.

The Second Eternal Dharma Truth

The Second Eternal Dharma Truth teaches you the law of changing.

Our universe is a six-sense illusion. This power comes from our consciousness. If we create a wise intention from our consciousness, then we can create perfect surroundings: it changes the illusion power, the space.

Because everything comes from others, it has no self. It’s a perfect six-sense illusion.

A movie is a two-dimensional illusion and we can accept that. Life is like a movie, but we are too used to the illusion and come to think that it is real. It is truly there, but not there, because there is no self.

There is not nothing there, but everything appears together as a universe.

This magic power comes from our consciousness. If our consciousness controls our intention, we can create something beautiful and perfect. If our intention is only greedy, then we will create greed; we will be lazy, sick, and overweight, and our space will be messy.

Our consciousness controls this space, even the biological space of our body. Consciousness uses its power to be aware, to change the space. When it harnesses this power into the Four Eternal Hearts then nirvana will appear. Nirvana is not something that you can find, it is inside you. You create it.

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