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About “The Truth of Life”

This blog records talks by Lin Yung-Chih, who teaches Buddhism at the Daofit dojo in Sydney, Australia. Some posts refer to him as “Sifu”, which is Chinese for “teacher”. There are also writings by his students based on some of those discussions.

What is Daofit?

You can learn more at the Daofit website.

What is a dojo?

“Dojo” is a Japanese word that refers to a place where one studies Daoism, including philosophy, martial arts, meditation, and healing. In Western culture it is simply a martial arts school.

Why do some people in the posts have unusual names, like Sean Pig and Red Bull?

There are many students who have the same first name, so to avoid confusion and according to Australian custom, some were given nicknames. Most have became known by their first name and Chinese horoscope (e.g. Sean Pig and Sean Rat), while a few have nicknames based on other factors (e.g. Asian Ben and Red Bull, whose given name is also Ben).


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