Big deal, small deal.

Big deal, small deal. Small deal, no deal. No deal, Good deal.



“In life, the way we view our problems is already wrong.

Naturally we make our problems heavy and stressful.

So our problems then become bigger.”

“Bigger problems equal more stress.

Then because we have stress, our problems are HARDER to solve!”


“But instead we can view our problems as a small deal.

Not ignore them, but just not take them in a heavy way.

Accept it’s a problem and we will do our best to solve it.”

“When we do that… we realise we can change our attitude towards problems.”

“And realise our attitude is part of the problem.

Easy to say, hard to do!”

“If we can make a big deal smaller. We can make a small deal disappear and become no deal at all.”

“And no deal is a good deal!”

Once we value making our life lighter and not heavier… We develop our own ability to solve our problems rather than being stuck in negative.

Then life is not a problem anymore…

The problem?

Do you have wisdom to handle the problem 🙂



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