Whatever you connect to is whatever you are

Whatever you connect is whatever you are

You connect to blindness you are that blindness. But that blindness is not you.

Because blindness is not you, you have a chance to get away from it.

If you connect to, ‘seeing-through your blindness’, awakening appears.

Awakening is the result when you see-through blindness.

Awakening is the moment true life appears.

So a bit awakened, is a bit true life.

You connect and create and become your nature-being.

So to be more awakened, you have to connect to more eternal wisdom.

It is only eternal wisdom that can make you awakened.

All other kinds of wisdom have a hole in them, they are not eternal: by time, by space, by situation, position, from different consciousness point of view. They keep changing.

So whatever you connect to, you are going to keep changing. And whatever keeps changing, cannot be your true-self.

Your true-self doesn’t change.

True-self is surely awakened, sure ability.

Because it is awakened and sure then you can say -“Yes, that is my choice. That’s me, through my awakening I choose to be that way. So that is true-self.

We choose blindness a lot of the time, but then when suffering appears, when mistake and cause become result and you have to pay for it, we normally regret. And wish we can do it again a different way.

So it is obvious it is not your will.

If it was your will you would never regret. If it is your will, even if it comes out suffering you know behind the suffering is still meaningful, is still joy.

Then, you still will smile. But normally all the suffering we regret because there is no meaning. It is blind, it is ego.

There is also a meaningful sacrifice to practice no I, to practice four eternal hearts that kind of suffering. Yes it’s because they haven’t reached Bodhisattva, but they are practicing towards Bodhisattva level.

It’s like when you practice Tai Chi or Chi Gong, it’s suffering to practice, but you are towards the direction of no I.

Enjoy to create, and then there will be no suffering. Until you reach it suffering will still be there. But the direction is meaningful because suffering will not be there one day. So that joy heart under all the suffering is there.

So whatever you connect is whatever you are.

So if we actually learn life is illusion, we can reconnect.

If there is something we take too serious, too much ego, too much worry about I and my, ahhh reconnect to see through it, laugh at it, then connect to child heart, become playful, whatever, then it become interesting.

Life is amazing in this way. It is always there as a possibility for you to re-connect. There is always something to offer you wisdom, a way to turn suffering into joy.

From a class, given by Forever Wisdom Forest on 25/11/2017 in Zetland Dojo in Sydney.