Definition of Heart

What is temporary heart? What is true heart? Are they different? Are they the same?

Do they both exist? Or both not exist? Or does one exist? Which one is our heart?

Ok, I will cover all 🙂


Temporary Heart and True Heart



What is Temporary Heart

Temporary heart is what we live in every second.

Which comes from, what they call, awareness boundary.

What does that mean?

You can only experience whatever you are aware of.

Whatever you are aware of, that is what you will experience.

And you will take that, as equal idea as that’s life, that’s you.

But truly, whatever your awareness boundary, it’s never you, it’s never life.

It’s just a combination power, keep changing from many causations.

So many different causes that your feeling follows that changing to.

And you take that feeling as that’s life and that’s you.

So they call that, fish in the ocean never know what is water.

They are born in the ocean and don’t know what is water.

You are actually limited by this awareness boundary.

It’s like from a keyhole to see the sky.

Or a from a frog in a well-looking at heaven.

So that’s how we think /  see ourselves and life

It’s from beginning already wrong.

We are living in a blindness of illusion.

So whatever we are aware of, including ourselves, because it comes from combination of everything, it is constantly changing.

So that of course is temporary.

But that is not even truly ourselves anyway.

It is a feeling. That we feel ourselves. But not our true selves.

But because we cannot awaken from that feeling. We are so addicted to that feeling.

We become limited like a jail in that’s the only feeling we know.

We cannot even know what else is behind after that.


Awaken True Heart

After you take out all this pollution connection from every influence to create your feeling of life, and your feeling of self.

When you take out all of that… what’s left?

You take out all the influence from the world to you.

And when you are able to feel yourself, without all the influences, then you are awake.

Then for the first time you understand who you truly are.

Then True Heart awakens.

Your True Heart never want to get influenced.

So True Heart looking for to be free.

Combination power awareness boundary there is no freedom.

True self never enjoy this blindness.

That is why there is fear.

Because we allow ourselves to enjoy blindness.

We create suffering by doing that.

Allow ourselves to keep being blind.

We receive and take all the experiences and information without ever a deep thought to observe what is it.

And just take the way that everybody think so.

And that is how blind we are.

You never actually carefully want to aware:

What does it mean self? What does it mean I?

And because we never truly understand that, but we already think we know who we are.

Each self what is the difference? And each self exist in a different way we already start to have all this judgemental without even knowing what are they.

So we live in a judgemental world without knowing anything.

And we are still able to judge so many things!

So we are living in an illusion of illusions.

Blindness of blindness.

And that is why temporary-I is not our True Self.

And that is the temporary heart.

And that is the awareness boundary you experience.

From the day you start to feel the space, from the day you start to feel yourself exist until now.

Wise awakened consciousness aware all the experiences, all the form you see comes from a creation of everybody’s own blind illusion.

So the world we receive is a mix of blind illusions of blind illusions.

And then we experience all the creation of those blind illusions.

And then take that experience is life. Take it as ourselves.


Awakened Consciousness

Awakened consciousness not go away from the situation.

Difference is, the fish now knows what is water.

Now knows what it wants. The fish awakens. Jump out of the water, jump back.

The fish aware who they are.

Once True Heart awakens, True heart don’t want any of this blind influence from anything anymore.

Want to stay sharp and clear. Know what it truly wants.

When it truly know what it truly wants, that’s how True Self appear.

True Self is only potential ability. It’s a strength.

Like a seed, you can put it in the dirt.

What will grow? You don’t know.

But that is what is exciting about it!

And what kind of seed is planted? You can know.

And that is where the wise awakened consciousness is different.

They know what kind of seeds they want to put.

They don’t want to waste their strength in all the illusions, lifetime after lifetime.

They want their strength into eternity.

They want their strength into aware all the tricks and illusion.

And want their ability stay eternal.

Every lifetime they are born, and their awareness ability go with them.

They stay awakened.

No more want to get foolish and tricked by the creation of temporary I ego illusions of illusions, awareness boundary.


What is meditation?

All the form you see, is the temporary illusion of light from everything, by the energy as a wave.

Who created those waves to become your body and space?

Those waves, are the waves of our hearts.

So in fact, the whole universe is the heart.

It’s like use pure gold to create a devil, a pig, a Buddha.

One is animal, one is devil and one is spirits.

But that is only from ego to look at it.

Gold never become Buddha, gold never become devil, nor animal.

It is just the form appearance make the illusion, so we are used to take all the illusion form as reality.

And because we only know that, we don’t know anything else.

But the awakened consciousness start to feel all the form is illusion. All the form is a combination changing power.

Their heart stop searching.

And when it stops searching, that is the idea of meditation.

Meditation is to be free. Free from blind searching.

Blind searching you can get nothing. Except being stresses, work hard as a slave.

And that blind searching-I, we take it as our true self.


How to awaken?

But it is only when the wise-I appear.

Let it go.

Let the thinking power go.

Buddhism doesn’t try to teach you how to think, it teaches you how to observe. How to ‘not think.’

Because all our thinking is from illusion of illusion.

And the blindness can be destroyed.

It is like darkness. You put a light on, darkness disappear.

You form your heart in a direction. No more want to let other ones influence you.

That becomes lights.

Breaking all the darkness.

What is the darkness? All the blind influence.

And when awakened consciousness form that strength with precise, perfect, meaning and understanding of life is illusion, understand that in all this temporary-I there is no-I.

Because there is no-I, in that temporary illusion-I, they find freedom.

They find the freedom is True Self-I and experience joy.

Connect to all the illusion-I but still feel separate and feel freedom of True-I.

And then give strength to help themselves and every-I not to be blind, not to have bad intention.

Blindness creates fear.

Fear creates the bad intention.

That’s why our world has so much mess. We stay blind. We stay in fear.

From there we create walls, we pretend in every second.

And underneath the pretend is just fear. Is just blind. That creates stress and insecure.

Awakened heart knows they are illusion as well.

Whatever we are afraid of in a blind way is itself illusion.

Awakened consciousness understand this world make no sense. Make no sense, doesn’t need to make sense.

But from there, freedom appear.

You start to be free from whatever controls you, make you believe that makes sense.

If you deeply observe it, you will know it’s nonsense.

But, if you have ego to want to go against them, that is just the same nonsense as everyone.

So awakened consciousness understand life is illusion. What is created is nonsense. But will not want to go against it either.

It’s like when a little kid has a nightmare. And his mother tells him “Hey, don’t get scared, come on, it’s just a nightmare, it’s just a dream come on, it’s not real.”

But the little kid wakes up to his mother yelling, screaming in a psycho way at him… he won’t take that logic… the kid just screams even more.

So it you want to have an ego to against any ego, you are just like that crazy mother.

Because in the world, even the most mean consciousness, you can never find anywhere.

So instead of being against anyone, against all this system, True awakened consciousness against nothing.

Just be in harmony, take care of the baby. Comfort, calm them down.

And that is compassion.

That is from awakened compassion.


Potential I becomes True Heart

Once consciousness understand truth of life. Not take this temporary appearing-I as True self.

Take inside, your True Heart, the will you want to represent your true self, the great intention you want to create.

The potential-I becomes your True Heart.

True Heart is now not only the potential, for every life, it can be awakened. But for it to awaken it has to clean out all the fear, all the darkness.

And then become the lights for themselves, and for others.

When they find a way for their power to become sure, then the way they make it become sure, that’s the way that true heart appear.

Because no one can make your true-I, true heart to be born. Only your own true heart can create that strength. And be that strength.

So once you can clean out all the influences by every life to you. What can you find about yourself?

Including me, including all of Buddhism, including all of the universe, what can you find? What is left?

Try to feel.

It is actually still there.

It is still inside of you.

It is deep memory before you get influenced by all this information.

You can go back there.

And that is the idea of meditation, Back to the Essence.


No names, no labels

When I was autistic I see the world, but I don’t see the world. My heart was empty. Everything I see had no name. And I don’t even know there is separation.

I don’t even know the difference between me / I and them.

That memory is not just one that I have. Everyone has this.

Every time you are born, the essence back again to pure. Give you another chance. No pollution. No judgemental.

Totally pure again.

But that memory is like a mirror. When there is dust, the mirror seems to disappear.

You can find it by cleaning out the dust.

And when you do that, you stop searching, stop thinking, close your eyes.

That looking and that searching and that judging is never you. It is a habit, influenced, educated-I.

The memory before you are able to think, that freedom.

There is no responsibility. No judgemental. Not any understanding.

So there is no pollution.

Because everything you are going to understand later.. is all pollution. It’s all illusions, fake names.

And that is why it is temporary. It keeps changing. It keeps tricking.

But there is someone who always get tricked.

That will never change.

That is your true self.

Back to innocent child you will reach everything naturally in control. Every breath is different.

The way you sit down is different.

All the mental character stress, how you support and hold your whole body will disappear.

A child, because there heart is not polluted, they don’t want to have any stress, so their body also naturally soft. No stress.

And for that, they are not searching for anything.

Their body is naturally the same like every animal, every new-born baby. So soft. No tension at all.

Because their body is non-stop willing to mix:

In harmony with gravity.

In harmony with each breath.

In harmony with moving, without moving

In harmony of joy and curiosity.

In harmony of open heart

Observing the one who is open heart.




Slowly open your eyes. It sounds easy but hard to back to Essence, no judgement, no connection, no good, no bad, no stress, open, sensitive, pure observation.

The power you are not used to because since you area  baby until now, once you learn language, once you learn I, that power disappear.

When you are not trying to create a future, when you don’t try to remember the past, will you disappear? No.

In fact, when you stop doing this, you truly appear.

True Heart can live don’t even care of past, don’t even know what’s the future.

But, we are in a habit feel we have to remember the past, know the future.

But that is part of the training.

From each breathe, ah, you don’t know the past, don’t care the past, don’t know the future. And once you are in that stage. You enter a relaxing stage:

Not searching the future. Now remember the past, you have no I, feel philosophy of Tai Chi and it’s different.

It’s not the past I want to reach somewhere make you learn Tai Chi. It is not the future I try to prove you reach somewhere make you try to do Tai Chi.

It is your true self, no-I, no past, no future, , in present, feel gravity, feel stress, let it go.

And from that no stress, start to create stress, into spine through rotation.

Tai Chi appears.

Then you create true-I, philosophy-I.

Any philosophy-I, doesn’t matter if it is Buddhism or Daoism.

You always have to back to that pureness.

Without that pureness no tension, there is not any philosophy-I that can appear.

Then you will continue to get influenced by combination power.

And stay creating in that jail of combination I.

True I is eternal, it is only when you learn eternal power it become eternal.

But you will have to clean out the pollution back to the essence, non stop, Ah, let the habit of stress go.

Create joy, innocent, no tension, rarghh, charge the power, follow the philosophy.

Then philosophy I appear!