What is meditation?

What is Meditation?


What is the definition of meditation?

Meditation is not a new power. It is actually the first 4 Bodhisattva Character powers (Generosity, discipline, patience and concentration) graduated and united together, automatically built as a foundation.

That’s why people think its breathing, or imagining something… but that is just kindergarten-level meditation. They don’t understand the foundation disciplines to make it appear.

The final level of concentration creates an awareness of the complete opposite forces of life.

– Lively , free, wild,

– at the same time to be calm no tension and sharp and aware as detailed as possible.

When your awareness awakens from first four Bodhisattva characters and reach opposite awareness ability – they are no more are stuck in the limitation of your I, and mine, naturally they stay there.

You use I but are not limited by your own I, aware all life equally including yourself.

Because all life have different awareness and intention and desire and force of life, each have so many different angles, directions, positions…. when you can open your heart equally through the first four Bodhisattva Characters to be aware of all other life through this contrasting force you can be aware of all of them.

Here are some different styles.


Still meditation

  • Doesn’t mean sit down not moving, that’s just one type.
  • Meditation can break into regular life when you are still concentrating in this style.


Moving meditation

  • Taiji/ Tai Chi / Chen Kuen / Chi Gong is called moving-style meditation.


Be free from your own mind meditation (out of mental habit.)

  • Clean out your psychology, no more worry, stress, greedy habits.

Free Psychology meditation (no longer limited by 2 subjects – I and Mine.)

  • Whatever we feel, whatever our intention, what is good for me, what do I want, what to do with me? our mental power limited by these two subjects.
  • Whenever you can clean out all that, you are no more limited by that.


7 chakra meditation


Desire Meditation


    • Wanting
    • Orgasm – food, sex, why is it meditation?
    • When desire reach no I
    • But for example footballer can have so high feeling when score goal but with an I – “Yeah contract for next year!”
    • So when the desire to reach the point where content but not possessive towards it is desire meditation.
    • When desire have greedy involved never reach – it is pure open heart sharing desire that can reach complete content and no possessive then it reaches desire meditation

Passion Meditation


  • Motivation to do your best without comparing heart
  • Excitement without ambitious, anxious and stress – you really enjoy it but not past border.
  • Basically you can enjoy passion but not reach somewhere. Passion feeling make life exciting, but remember to remain in balance, when suffering appear you are across the border.

Physical Meditation


  • Moving meditation
  • Harmony with body and surroundings
  • No tension
  • Be aware of the energy and not make it blocked
  • Movement has no blindness anymore, movement has philosophy behind it, make body language all match philosophy.
  • No I – not I’m shy, I’m ambitious, no I anymore.
  • Timing – live in present, from every angle and space – that is new reality
  • Aware of future potential and possibility – harmony with present, but awareness so sharp, aware of other moves, that way you don’t have tense you know what’s coming in an easy position ready for future.
  • The summary is: No limitations

Emotion Meditation


  • Open heart and use heart to understand and feel other life and/or philosophy
  • Emotion – definition – awareness of relationship between I and other
    • Relationship I to other – easier to understand
    • Feeling, like not like.. That is an emotion
  • Heart opens to philosophy create feeling of pure emotion – calm, joyful, free and timeless
  • Emotion towards other life – what kind of emotion? – first 2 Eternal hearts – pure kind and pure care – when heart stays being that way, pure emotion will appear.
  • When you are greedy, worry about what I want, or situation is good for me, you are out of meditation.

Thinking Meditation


1st level thinking Meditation


  • pure observation
  • When answer precise it makes people understand
  • Pure observe life and try to understand life without judgement
  • Question: Is thinking meditation the first step to absorb philosophy before observe?
    • memorize, analyse, organise, decision, intention action?
  • Thinking – you use as a first step tool to understand philosophy you need a foundation to learn. But thinking meditation is a result already,

2nd level thinking Meditation

Graduate level is no more a tool or bridge to get information… everything many angles:

  • Definition
  • Timing
  • Causation
  • Level of understanding
  • Ability
  • Link to 3 Eternal Dharma Truths
  • Link 6 Bodhisattva characters
  • Link to 7 chakras
  • Link 4 devils
  • Link 4 eternal hearts
  • Thinking not pure – once you can purely want to understand life then thinking meditation can appear Judgement I and comparing I and searching I – pure content feeling from thinking meditation 50% is free feeling, other half of contentment from pure observation from understanding from heart, from joy, woaaaah, and impressed about life and amazed and astonished, how incredible, that content goes further than just no judgement heart.
  • Must get rid of negative, and then discover life and realize truth how amazing appreciation heart appear, gets astonished from aware unlimited force of life, in unlimited ways of changing, unlimited way of connections, unlimited appearing, unlimited way can create, unlimited way of blindness, unlimited way of awaken, unlimited way of suffering unlimited way of joy potential possibility and capabilities all there, heart just full of amazing freedom from every angle, discovering just content.
  • It only when your mind truly want to be aware of life. One you reach pure observer, no stuck there, grows stronger more angles, more aware, bring more sharp awareness to aware more, then. No longer searching for wisdom, wisdom naturally appears, Thinking ability to a point becomes intuition ability – you don’t use brain anymore, directly sharply from heart – subconscious thinking directly feeling – that can run like snowball and then that freedom and joy get bigger, then security and no more fear, from wisdom run more and more, life is more and more awesome, self-assured free to enjoy life, that ability continue shining make you feel life is so free and that is…


3rd level thinking Meditation / intuition thinking Meditation

  • Intuition thinking meditation
  • Once don’t have to use brain anymore this appear, it is more than think, it has 3rd level
  • 3rd level – intuition to directly respond through answer other questions
  • So whatever you say is by heart, but it has to pass from mind, but when I teach class, you can feel I don’t use mind, speaking still have to pass, once you graduate level, you reach pre-bodhisattva, have intuition wisdom, thinking power so listen question and answer already there, answer not from mind, directly from heart, aware of every angle, so calculation by heart, not for yourself, respond for other life, that way, can start practicing bodhisattva, journey and practice, system to help other life.


Intuition meditation – third eye meditation


1st level of Intuition Meditation

  • The freedom to directly by heart to break limitations, free to experience beyond our 6 sense limitations. When that ability rise you are into an incredible sense where human level 6 sense never understand.
  • Then you start to touch the true spiritual lights awareness it is only from there you finally understand there is something that go beyond our illusion material life.
  • Many people experience that already, through teaching, OC, meditation.
  • Not only to connect to other illusion being but also to change the space that you connect to.
  • When intuition heart is free from your limitations you will experience a different kind of sense go beyond.
  • Connection – have bowing to Amitahba Buddha, sometimes intuition connect


2nd Level of Intuition Meditation

  • Start to have ability to influence that space, you are stronger spiritually and wisdom intention behind and that strong intention and wisdom spiritual power.
  • Start , not only connect but influence all the energy, then reach intuition meditation 3rd level.


3rd Level of Intuition Meditation

  • Use intuition to free your consciousness, divide your consciousness to other planets, start being Bodhisattva. They reach 3rd level. They can use this power to directly feel universe influence and connect to universe. Like Observing Life Sound – when you feel suffering, worry, fear, you call his name sincerely, he can aware of you, then he will come show his image, guide you and protect you – that is 3rd level.
  • Connect to one, or connect to many.
  • Aware other life, find their limitation


4th Level of Intuition Meditation

  • Create pure land.
  • Help many life, then create a pure land to help them purify themselves, come here, to learn pure spirits then once you reach that level you become Buddha.
  • What kind of pure land suitable to help them learn spirits? Aware all energy and rebuild it in a perfect way to help every life learn spirits.
  • Then the intuition power create pure land.


Wisdom Meditation

  • Talk about next class 🙂


From a class given on the 22nd of July, 2012. Sydney Dojo, Australia by Forever Wisdom Forest


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