Difference between ‘Pureness’, ‘naive’ and Innocence’


Innocence 😇 is the beginning stage of pureness without wisdom to see through all the blindness

Pureness 😄 includes innocence but is above innocence. With wisdom to see through the blindness and able to remain pure.

That’s why we say Amitahba
Buddha Pure Land 😊🙏 , not innocent land.😇

Grow up – blind innocent is the seed of suffering 😓

Stay pure – wise intention to create joy for every life 🐉



Sean Free: Cool. So Innocent is still naive and curious but being pure is through wisdom? 😊


Sifu: Innocent is no good or bad, but can be both way .

Without develop wisdom, innocent is just seed of suffering, because innocent is blind pure .

When innocent through curious , and observing enteral wisdom self-being heart

Then blind disappear ..
innocent becoming pure kind , care , wise , joyful
Heart 😊🙏

Innocent is neutral

Naive is surly blind bad innocent 😐😟

So naive is not the same as innocent