Discipline – from Pure Name Buddha

Sifu teaching from Pure Name Buddha book.
How to make discipline successful.
For discipline to be successful it is through a willing and joyful heart.
How to create a willing and joyful heart?
Willing heart comes from pure logic to observe eternal wisdom and be aware of the true meaning and value of life. Which is, every life is equal and compassion and care towards every life.
Joyful heart comes from developing convenient wisdom, aware to help every other life, and begins with ability to help yourself. To share happiness with others you have to be able to be kind and care to yourself first. Can’t swim, can’t save people from drowning. For that the ability of wisdom to enjoy life will develop and be able to share with others, joyful heart will appear.
Willing heart and joyful heart both have the same foundation, which is – life is illusion, hold nothing, nothing can be hold. Remain pure, free and open heart. Through this equal heart can appear.
Want to, and have to, will not make the discipline go right or far.
Have to, and want to, come from forbearing  and greedy heart. Both are poison seeds and will only end into suffering.
Willing to, and enjoy to, can make all the discipline successful and graduate all the spiritual will.
Willing to, comes from compassion heart. Enjoy to, comes from wisdom heart. So the spiritual seed will become spiritual result.
From Giant Dog, Dharma Observer

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