Back to Essence – Definition and technique

Summary of Back to Essence


1. What is the essence ?

– Essence is eternal

Essence can create and aware of any illusion-being, but Essence is not the temporary illusion-being.
So, Essence is eternal


– Essence is Joy

The essence has no beginning, so the beginning of suffering surely never existed. For that Essence has no suffering
So Essence remains Joy


– Essence is true self

Essence is not come from others, or from self.
True self can not come from any things , in fact – everything comes from essence
So Essence is true self


– Essence is pure

Essence has no good or bad, dirty or clear, no any relative
So Essence remains pure


2. How to go Back to the essence



– Purify by external case in a temporary way.

Observing your speaking and action, make it no negative personal involved.

Use pure logic for speaking and action.

Also always practice dragon breath, training Stretching, Chi-gong, Taiji, and all kind of Meditation



– Purify internal roots can reach eternal force to aware essence in an unlimited way.

Which is observing your instinct and thinking two different types of intention with eternal truth of life.

And purify our intention into 4 eternal heart ,
6 Bodhisattva Character.