The 4 blind seeds of reincarnation

The 4 blind seeds of reincarnation

1. Greed for Materials
2. Possessive for emotion
3. Lost in worry thinking
4. Fear of Death

1. Greed for Materials

If your 1st priority is To develop 6 bodhisattva characters 4 eternal heart. 2nd is to train your four element body temple. 3rd Take care of all the relationships for the purpose of developing spiritual character. 4th Maturity of try to be successful in society without greed or ambitious then you are not lost in the material greed.

But if our priority order is opposite ,then we are lost in greedy of Materials.


2. Possessive for Emotion

Buddhism teaches generosity in kind and care harmony and peace.

So sharing good intention emotion is one part of important development.

But that requires wisdom to have independence and self-development as main priority.

Sharing not equal to possessive. Once the emotion goes to negative. Have to have wisdom to be free from it, instead of being possessive towards it.


3. Lost in Worry Thinking

Worry and thinking makes situation worse.
It’s a blind habit in a useless way.

We can always use pure logic, good intention and attitude to take care of any situation.

So if we are able to not stay stuck in worry and develop logical observation ability with good character to be flexible handle all the situations we are already out of this devil force.


4. Fear of Death

Human idea of Death is a blindness of unknown futures.

According to human, death means the body has a big change in which the body has no more function.
But in fact every piece of our body is constantly changing. So if changing is equal to death we are dying all the time. Which doesn’t make sense.

The true death definition is our consciousness is out-of-body and reincarnate to other body. So if we are sincere to follow our will connect to Amithaba Buddha System and train our-self out of reincarnation system, choose to be reborn into Amithaba pure land. Then death doesn’t exist.

The Wisdom to see through these four reincarnation seeds can help us reach nirvana and be free from reincarnation.