Om Mani Padme Hom

Definition of Om Mani Padme Hom

(The Hom sound you shouldn’t close your mouth, it should take a while clearly and gently closed)

They are 4 separate sounds but are connected as one perfect idea.



4 sounds:

  1. First sound “Oargh” – Sound to represent all the suffering;
  2. Second sound – “Ohhh” – Sound to represent understanding where the suffering comes from and how to release it;
  3. Third sound – “Hmm” – the sound of healing, the sound of releasing the suffering. When all the sound reach number three it becomes joy;
  4. Fourth sound is silent – When the joy becomes so strong it finally becomes silent. It is the sound of contentment. That is why all the statues look so calm but joyful.

Together the whole process – understand where the suffering comes from, release them until joy and contentment appear is the perfect way of teaching every life to be awakened from blindness so they can release all the suffering from themselves and help others release their suffering.

Om itself represent perfect.



Represent the idea of jewellery, but not like earth-material style.

It means the value. The eternal truth value. The complete meaning of life.

You can own the whole universe, but if you don’t understand the meaning of this universe you own nothing. You are only just a slave to greedy materials, possessive and lost consciousness.

It’s understanding the meaning, understanding the truth, and sharing that treasure.

The whole universe exists for a purpose. And if you don’t awaken to understand that purpose then it’s your own blindness. But it you do understand the purpose it becomes the sound Mani. The magic treasure of eternal truth meaning of life.



Simply it means lotus.

But it’s a symbol not the idea of a flower.

But instead the system of how the lotus appears, where it comes from. It comes from pollution, from muddy dirt, but when it opens there is not any pollution. Not any dirt.

So one day when you awaken, you will have used the same system to purify yourself.

Nobody gains spirits, or develops wisdom by try to be possessive and get anything.

You have to win your own blindness and win your own ego, win your own stupidity.

When you win it you are like the lotus. Everything is perfect. All the bad things, all the challenges and difficult times it becomes part of the journey to wake up your wisdom. Part of the journey to wake up your compassion. Part of the journey to make you observe the truth of life. Part of the journey to make you aware of the true principle of life.



Simply it means the consciousness.

But not just consciousness, the consciousness of a particular one.

The one who understand the perfect system of life – OM

The one who can see through life’s tricks and follow the eternal true meaning of life – MANI

The one who purify their own consciousness and help purify every consciousness to become complete, unlimited, perfect awakened consciousness.

Purify the suffering away, help them discover nirvana, enlightenment – that is Buddha.

So Om Mani Padme Hom is the way to become Buddha.

Simple key words to help you understand the principle and goal inside of your consciousness – what should be the principal of your life. What should be the direction of your life.

Because according to perfect consciousness Siddhartha Buddha, when he became awakened, he say:

Amazing, the perfect consciousness I have developed is inside of every life, it is just because of their greed, hate, stupidity ego, the possessive and lost by that dust, it never shines.”

So truly all of you are the future Om Mani Padme Hom. But nobody can help you if you let your ego continue control you, if you let your blindness continue to fool you.

If you don’t awaken your own spirits, your own wisdom, clearly understand all life is equal.

Why is all life equal? Because all life is consciousness. If there is no power to aware anything then there is no life. The power to aware everything we all have, we are all the same, that’s consciousness. So we have the same essence.

And that same essence brings the same principle – we all want to escape suffering, we all want to understand unlimited happiness. So for the principal it is fair, we are all the same.

For potential we all have the power to win our blindness, we all have the power to observe. And that potential to observe to win our blindness, so we are also fair, the same.

But that depends, do you observe or do you just act?

You can act blindly or you can observe blind action and become awakened. For that all life is equal. For that all life is the same value.

And that is what Om Mani Padme Hom means.