Pure Name Bodhisattva speaks with Greatest Wisdom Bodhisattva

Pure Name Bodhisattva (he is a divide consciousness from Pure Name Buddha) and Greatest Wisdom Bodhisattva (divide consciousness from Dragon Buddha) are speaking to each other in front of many students – Rohan, Energy Gods and Bodhisattva – to help those students learn wisdom.
Greatest Wisdom Bodhisattva asks Pure Name Bodhisattva, “How does a Bodhisattva observe other life forms?”
Pure Name Bodhisattva answers:
“- like a mirage;
– like bubbles in water;
– like trying to see the trails from birds flying in the air;
– like freezing lightning;
– like smoke without fire;
– like being born blind and trying to understand what colour is;
– like looking for a 6th development;
– like taking a mirror’s reflection as real self;
– like thinking a stone statue of a woman can become pregnant;
– like trying to think a Bodhisattva has greed, hate and stupidity;
– like trying to think a Buddha still has worry.
This is how a Bodhisattva observes life forms.”
Greatest Wisdom Bodhisattva now asks Pure Name Bodhisattva, “If all the life forms are just illusions, how do you show kindness to them?”
Pure Name Bodhisattva answers:
“Help them aware life forms are just like that, illusion.
Aware of that truth is already true kindness.”

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