7 steps to awaken – Wisdom Choice

7 Steps to Awaken

The following are a list of steps to awaken consciousness. They can be developed in any order throughout spiritual development. They are part of 37 spiritual development from Pure Name Buddha.

1.     Wisdom Choice
Choose wisdom is not just one choice. Like tai chi, to make it appear from subconsciousness takes a lot of training. Same with wisdom, we have to learn and practice.
Choose eternal wisdom is eternally correct, anything else is just the power of changing. Choose to be free from blindness, observe blindness to make yourself free from it. People who don’t observe their blindness just accept I’m being blind, and stay with it.
Can’t be lazy, can’t blind trust anything, this will allow wisdom to appear, as you are no longer lazy to not be aware.

Are you free to walk around in a jail? Jail represents blindness ego, you’re not truly free.

2.     Discipline and Motivation
Discipline has to be here to control the first and second chakra. Without discipline the motivation or passion will keep moving around with all the blindness.

Observing all the angles, continuing to observe all angles from eternal wisdom with discipline. Like laser line in tai chi never stops.

Comparing heart into 84,000 blindness is what causes the suffering after the joy, can’t let the past go, can’t create new joy and remains stuck. This is fast pleasure suffering.

There’s one no form consciousness. Once there is one, then there is already something aware of that one so then there is two. From there it can go to unlimited.
3.     Create Wise Intention
Wisdom intention allows joyful heart to appear. Joy is no longer from blind karma all this internal external possibility. It’s a being through wisdom ability. This makes life have roots, like finally something can grow and develop. Because of that joy and light and relax can appear. You’ve absorbed the first idea to become your ability.
Like when waterman ability appears, or steam hand, it’s fun.. no more fear of who is around, you feel joyful and self-confident.

4.     Wisdom Being
When you follow 3 very strongly number 4 will appear as your being, whatever you are being you will use all the wisdom to observe what you’re being. Whenever something happens you use all your wisdom to pass through it, naturally. When you reach that you have the power to make your own life joyful but also have the power to help others feel light too.
Compassion is not self-pity and turn to the other, it becomes a self-confidence sharing power. So that’s why compassion has to have wisdom ability first. Otherwise it will just be scared and fearful.
Naturally always use wisdom, don’t just say something or do something without calculating all the philosophy.

5.     Wisdom Intuition
As the consciousness uses wisdom being observing ability to calculate all the angles, they start to learn to feel others, this allows for sky heart to start to appear. It’s called amazing observing ability. They observe themselves and observe the way they trick themselves to see through their own trick, see though everyone’s trick, can read everybody – sky heart. It’s also called amazing logic thinking ability, because you use that wisdom to observe everything without having to think.
This is the ability where consciousness can see a sign like the tai chi symbol to awaken the ability that is already in the consciousness.
6.     Wisdom Meditation
Once intuition is so strong you develop ability to control your consciousness, let all the changing come and go remain empty and free.
Ah – you start to see through all the illusion, see through all the blindness you create, this helps yourself stop creating it
Oh – Use that wisdom to see through how we can stop creating suffering and share with others.
Mmm – True generosity heart appears, generous with eternal wisdom, true generosity
See through ourselves, see through every life, see through all the blindness. See through all the blindness is already awaken. The world is open, always awaken. Like sun is always there but blind people can’t see the sun, it’s not that blind people see it then the sun exists. Blind people don’t see it still exists they just can’t see it. Awaken is the same it’s always there just our limited I cannot see it. True wisdom you know there is no wisdom to get, there is no I, it’s to realise everything is awaken. Heart is open to realise all this in this awaken meditation wisdom ability.
Heart never change, remains with compassion and wisdom.
Awaken consciousness have to hide/limit their ability for convenient wisdom. Sifu’s ability hasn’t changed since he started teaching, he opens enough for us to develop further. To open too much wouldn’t allow us to suddenly jump to that level, has to be step by step, like developing tai chi. His students are all in a learning karma this lifetime, they have not graduated. However, they are also not a clean slate, they have some talents already, but have not graduated any of these talents.
Only number 6 you will know directly from heart that life is illusion.

7.     Four Eternal Heart Freedom Wisdom Ability
Truly see through the illusion you are free now to develop four eternal hearts. You play with the four eternal hearts to match other life. It will take millions and millions of lifetimes to develop to first level of bodhisattva – no suffering.
Everyone is free to develop four eternal heart, but not everybody has the ability to be free. Free from their I, from society, free to calculate and observe life.

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