Tai Chi Martial Art

3 levels of Tai Chi

3 levels of Tai Chi


Discipline natural being.

Definition include 2 part.
Part 1, Posture and coordination.

Part 2, Energy flow must start power from foot, puma stomachs, laser line, balloon chest, light feeling to body, straight neck and silk worm line out of finger to create finger have a complete open or relaxed delicate motion.


No I moving Meditation. No I moving Meditation.

Part 1. Enjoy to aware he philosophy without comparing heart or any stress from mental or psychological ego I.

Part 2. Enjoy timeless speed control without hurry feeling or mental artificial slow motion.


Create spirits.

Part 1. Capture the character of the music to create a feeling into the spirits of your motion which include inner attitude, body language posture, facial expressions, eyes expression

Part 2. When there is no music you can create a character before the action. Could be from nature four element character or life form. Example like dragon, puma, eagle, snake, bear, mantis jellyfish or king fu panda ?

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