Diamond sutra

Foundation to Diamond Sutra – Any ego illusion I is Suffering

Foundation to Diamond Sutra – Any ego illusion I is Suffering

This idea is simple, but is a big change in your life. If you understand this wisdom, it’s almost like you really understand life again.

In my life I have to calculate and recalculate, to observe and re-observe everything. It always comes out with a clear answer.

“Any ego I is Suffering”

So I value timeless and direction of no I. And then create an illusion I to connect to all of you, to find a way to help you out of your blindness and not be trapped in your blind I.

Any I is not your true I.

That’s why I appreciate practice no I, and I value that. So I value timeless even more. And timeless feeling is part of no I.

But ” no I ” doesn’t mean do nothing. It means being, to act without I. That’s true I.

So no I means to hear all the others I and their value. And I use different I to connect to all of you, to make each one have no I. And that also makes me involved with you, but I slowly guide you to be aware of yourself and any I. Because any blind I is just ego and illusion.

All awakened consciousness value this as foundation. That’s why I teach it many times. I say it’s called back to essence. And basically because your essence doesn’t have ego I, that’s why the essence is pure.

That’s why Observing Self-Being Bodhisattva can release all the suffering and pain, because no ego I, there is no suffering and pain.

There is ” no any ego I ” in pure essence.

It is the blind I you actually create, and even with that illusion ego I blindly connect to many relationship and situation, and then you strongly take that as real and create even more suffering.

Spiritual consciousness understand to not let this jail control them, because they have eternal wisdom ability.

This whole unlimited universe is what created you to have this ego I through connecting to all the constantly changing illusion-being.

All the appearing form is constantly changing making your ego I appear as fear and worry, instead of as appreciate.

No I is not out of case of connection of illusion I, but to know you are blindly supporting your ego I. And developing convenient wisdom needs observe ego I to stay sensitive to be pure and awaken .

This power is already developed in me over many lifetime.

Illusion-being is always the main subject we are aware of and because illusion-being constantly changing, the essence is empty. This is not a new philosophy because I was born with it. Deeply, my heart is always empty. If you aware of your pure heart, you will see our essence is always pure and empty.

Brain consciousness Sifu is just a convenient case to connect to you. Subconsciously I have been awaken many lifetimes, I directly know that consciousness is not this temporary four-element limited blind illusion.

So each blind creation that appears is not your true self, once this wisdom ability becomes your nature awareness being , your heart will remain kind, care, joy, wise and free.

That’s what the Diamond Sutra teaches.


Red Bull Question:

Woah. Amazing foundations.
So anytime “I” am not aware life is illusion that is equal to ego and suffering ? ????


Yes Dear Bull what you say is correct,


try to escape from illusion I is also another ego.

The right way to understand the function of life
Is in illusion I to see through that ego is temporary and directly remain pure as a lotus system.

To not take personal I serious and create greedy issues, instead developing observing ability to create wisdom ability to have a joyful heart to share with others or help others out of suffering.

Then illusion I becomes a perfect tool as a convenient wisdom boat to help everyone out of the suffering sea and into eternal dharma joy pure land.


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