what is suffering


Suffering – What does the word mean?

Causes of suffering

Suffering is created by our blindness and then received by our consciousness. Food is hot, you are hungry so you eat it and get burnt.

Suffering has no form, you cannot describe its color, you cannot point at the suffering itself.

Suffering has desire style, passion style, emotion style, mental style too. Each 7 Charka when you go wrong out of balance.

Too much desire make you feel never enough and feel lost, you work so hard and not sure you will get it, or worry you will lose it

Too much passion gives you stress

Emotion style – when its hurt you feel like it’s the end, your ego can’t take it, nobody care about me, or love me, living is almost meaningless

Mental suffering – just don’t know how to stop thinking and calculating, all the calculations are worry, addiction to worry

Each calculation multiplies the worry and finally creates fear – then you still have to hide it, pretend I am fine. That’s mental suffering.

Physical suffering – when your four elements out of balance. Too much fire from temperature you die too much cold you die not enough water, too much water, not enough air, too much air, too much earth, not enough earth.

What is suffering?

RB: Is suffering blindness from not being completely aware?

Baby has blindness but does not always suffer.

You can smile joyfully while you analyses suffering.

Baby receives a lot of suffering.

Information that our consciousness is not in harmony with. Suffering is consciousness itself out of harmony.

Consciousness has no form – suffering has no form – but consciousness out of harmony will appear to have a form. But you can never find the suffering itself.

So suffering is an illusion. How come? If you your consciousness is not in your body and someone cuts you into a million pieces your consciousness doesn’t die. But because your ego is locked into physical I, you are trapped by the illusion of your body, we lose this ability.

The bodhisattva can connect it the body in a way that they don’t have physical I.

Siddhartha was still a Bodhisattva and was practicing in a lifetime called Never Anger Merciful Anger Control Spiritual Character Control – so if anything bothers him in this life he doesn’t want to feel any anger feeling from inside or intention or appear in the face of body. Because he is so deeply aware that the body is not him he can do that so easily. But there was a big test. When he was in meditation, aware of his body is not him, aware the consciousness is free, a Prince can over to him with a lot of beautiful lady servants and bodyguards. After the girls served the prince he fell tired and went to sleep. Then the girls used their talent to pick up flowers and see Siddhartha sitting there as a Bodhisattva, have lights and look so joyful. They know right away they are not human, they forget everything and go and bow and ask him to help them learn spirits. Siddhartha starting teaching them four element body but not you and he explained all this. The ladies started to realize they were slaves to their prince and their bodies. Even their beauty is like a toy, just an illusion, they start to realize how their heart is not free at all, and under this comfort joyful life they were not free. And now they are learning wisdom and know the true heart can be free. And then the meditation with Bodhisattva.

At this moment the Prince awaked and couldn’t see the girls. And then Siddhartha Bodhisattva was joyful and helping the ladies become Spiritual, the Prince came over with bodyguard.

Which Devil dare to take my ladies way – show me your true devil! He is not holy!”

But the girls already learn the wisdom so they go to protect the Bodhisattva, But the Prince get so angry he take a knife and want to kill the girl. Bit at the moment, he changed his idea. He ties the ladies up and says he will show the girls he is a devil. So he takes the knife and chops Siddhartha nose off. But his eyes remain peaceful; his lips remain joy, even with blood. And that make the Prince Ego even bigger. “You Devil try to challenge me” So he take his arm and cuts it off. He still shows no anger; his eyes haven’t changes, and his eyes remain calm. He was peaceful with merciful and staring at the prince looking at someone feeling sorry for them that what they do is really bad for them. Merciful eyes make the prince even more angry – so chop the arm and legs so he cannot sit down anymore – but his eyes didn’t change, his smiling didn’t’ change.

He looks at me with Merciful! I will take out your eyes – but he look at the eyes, spiritual light really kind and care come out and cannot do it and he says sorry. You are not devil I can see you have no anger or hate, I am the devil, tend the prince regrets. At that point the Bodhisattva energy goes out of the body. He says to the prince – your regrets will help your hell karma, every life is equally important and perfect. As equal as your father the king – if you learn, and care for every life your karma will help you next lifetime into spirits. If you take the porcine position and use your ego to create suffering that suffering will come back to you. Then everyone bows to the Bodhisattva.

That is amazing control. No anger, still merciful, still kind, care, that is Bodhisattva level – that suffering is an illusion. Your fear of the needles creates, tension, stiff, create pain, and create a body do stiff not relaxed. So truly there is a way to refuse the suffering.

Life is full of joy – joy and suffering is an illusion.

But Joy needs wisdom, good character needs open heart, need sharp sensitive awareness.

Suffering doesn’t need any of this, comes from not care, rough, not sensitive, fear, worry, ego, greed.

So to create joy is more difficult than suffering, that is the test if life,

When you are able to do the difficult one like normal then wisdom appears. True wisdom stays joyful; make your life no tension. Easy to say, hard to do.

Philosophy is not just words; it takes many lifetimes to reach it. Suffering is your jail. More wisdom you can be aware of what life wants you to learn.

The system of life wants you to be in harmony with change, and share every present.

So understand the truth of life and then your heart aware of your system of life is dharma. Not against dharma is following Dharma. And following Dharma is called Dharma high Wisdom. That will make you joy and then you can share your joy with other people and that is called Pure Kindness. And when you have joy and share it joy to help other people and can see the bright side of life, Pure Care will appear. And to observe every different life and how to care with them in a different way wisdom appears because every consciousness is in a different  position in a different blindness in a different ego, a Bodhisattva who want to share joy, will find a different convenient way to  reach life. And that need unlimited wisdom. Because there are unlimited life forms. And for that Bodhisattva live million lifetimes and each lifetime try to create joy and bring it to different planet and life form and analyses the new wisdom into joy for that collect different unlimited amazing wisdom from different planets with million different life forms.

Finally wisdom come complete circle and he became Buddha. And all of you are the seeds of Buddha. Your name, your physical our character is temporary illusion come from many cause, truly you are seeds of perfect spirits wisdom and that means you have to understand what does perfect seed want you to develop, they don’t want you to have any ego.

Purify the ego part. Dust don’t get not mirror, clean off ego.

Dragon Warrior, no fear.

Spiritual character no worry.

You are already lost and think you are human, mirror gets covered by dust, and you are spiritual seeds of spiritual consciousness. You have to awaken. Because you are awaken knowing your true self and then you are able to clean the dust every day. You are not human.

I showed you my face changed, my day moved faster than your eyes can see, my body can change, not human right?

But truly every human can do that.

Power from foot, shoulder relaxed and no tension, rotation is strength into finger. Life has no limitation but each limitation needs a lot of wisdom to break it. Why can my body disappear because every cell, atom, is magic. It has power connected to whole universe to create. If the universe can create see through glass, then the body can create see through glass. And create no tension jelly fish like, every piece is magic.


30/10/2011 – OC – Suffering


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