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Sky Ear Development

Sky Ear Awareness Boundary Development


1. Sky Ear Ability


Hear the sound and free from recognising the label.


Like a dog hears the sound, it can recognise its owner. Dog doesn’t require thinking, but still can recognise the sound. So to recognise the sound with label, one is brain consciousness and one is sub consciousness.


Listen to the sound without applying a label from thinking and non thinking intention.


2. Sky Ear Ability


Listen to the need?


Some birds sounds like just crying looking for food. Some birds sound scared or fearful. And all life form, including human create the sound with different needs. Even if they say the same words or make the same sound, their intention and attitude could be different.


Second ear ability can hear and be aware of the meaning behind the sound, from other life’s intention.


3. Sky Ear Ability


Can hear all the different sound and different cause and intention from nature and life form, but realise it all comes from I connect to it. The third level of sky ear ability is listen there’s I searching to listen. Listen to there is an I in personal angle constantly connecting to the world with searching and comparing heart.


Listen and observe which blind intention creates that connection. Once that blind intention connection disappears, all the fear and worry connection will disappear. Then you are back to the essence through that listening ability.


4. Sky Ear Ability


Start to be aware of all the connection to I, that all the sound is a combination that influences each other. It’s a combination from our own cause and others cause. Because all the sound is from others, they are not our true I. That way we are free from our illusion I.


Start to be aware that all the sound is one but different. Start to be aware that all the sounds influence each other as one, but influence each other as different as well. Start to be aware both.


Through listening to be aware of how all the sound influence each other,  all the sound that’s all the sound as different. But realise all the sound influence each other, united as one sound – Om – the sound of life – suffering, awakening, releasing and freedom. The sound of the perfect cycle of life. When you can hear this cycle, you are out of this cycle. Your consciousness has already reached perfect.


When this is united then the sky ear ability starts to open. Can hear all the sound, hear they are all one and all different. No more judging heart. Free heart, wisdom heart naturally appears.


5. Sky Ear Ability


Here the sound, aware all this sound is influenced by the others, aware it is all illusion. Start no more connection, possessive towards any sound. For that reason, start to hear no sound. Which is heart stop searching, when heart stop searching, then there is no sound. Silence the feeling and that feeling is the sound. Sound of silence. But at the same time, can hear all the other sound, directly aware that all the other sound is illusion, combination of all life cause. So heart is free from it, listen to it, but not connect to it. Because it doesn’t connect to it, it becomes no sound. Heart is able to start to be aware of its essence, start to be aware of every sound.


6. Sky Ear Ability


Aware self is not any sound, but aware potential to let yourself let your heart connect to any sound, is always there. Compassion sound start to appear. Aware yourself, see through illusion, free from suffering and aware all the other sound is still lost, being influenced by all the other blind cause form each other.


Compassion listening ability, no I to hear any I. Hear their position, feel their position, because no I, can feel their position purely.


7. Sky Ear Ability


Convenient wisdom listening ability.


Hear something and already be aware all the situation, all the meaning, all the cause.  At the same time already aware of all the solution, all the potential wisdom way to influence their life force, so any sound for them is like muddy dirt with a lotus seed change the muddy dirt to become beautiful pure land. The ear start to have the ability to hear from everyone, every life’s different  situation and feel them without ego and also discover all kinds of convenitent wisdom to help every life.


8. Sky Ear Ability


Because of compassion listening ability, consciousness start to divide. From no I become many, many convenient illusion I to help every life. Start to divide consciousness to unlimited illusion life planet. Hear them and create illusion to be born there as part of it, and then influence them out of it.


7 is able to develop wisdom

8 is able to divide consciousness. Free from illusion and able to be any illusion.


And that is observing self being bodhisattva ability. But observing life sound bodhisattva has this ability, when hear life experiences suffering, call his name. so his name is also called observing self being as well.


9. Sky Ears Ability


Listen to all the sound and divide consciousness to help every life, and at the same time listen to complete buddhas awareness. His wisdom sound. And listen to how he teach unlimited different planet, different life form, how he uses his wisdom voice to influence every life.


9 listen to Buddhas wisdom voice and learn complete wisdom. Like you learn Tai Chi, you learn how Tai Chi works from your teacher. So number 9 from compassion convenient wisdom bodhisattva comes closer to becoming Buddha. Because of that, any Buddha teach, the bodhisattva will divide consciousness to learn how that Buddha teaches. Bow to every Buddha, listen and remember every philosophy that he taught.


When 1 to 9 all join together, that is Buddhas sky ear ability. 


From a class by Sifu and transcribed by Dharma Observer.

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