Say each word to match the word

6 bodhisattva characters

Say each word to match the word



Say each word to match the word – never just listen from words, tone, facial expression, I know if someone understands.

Generosity – free, friendly, warm.

Discipline – sharp, direct.

Patience – attitude of feel no stress.

Concentration – not pushing, otherwise that is mental concentration, Bull explained the Law of Martial Art God – directly BEING not pushing an idea.


What is the Law of Martial Art God?

Martial art have 2 different kinds, human being and energy gods style – the discipline is how to reach martial art god technique, energy gods then use this to fight to devil consciousness. Hollywood can’t compare to that! 🙂

Clear written down how to do it.

First idea,

You, in present, are the centre of the whole universe, from where you are, aware of everything around you, without any fear – THAT IS CONCENTRATION.

You can’t use that power in normal society. “I’ll have a cup of coffee.” It’s too powerful and out of harmony for regular humans.

With those four characters already so strong – mix together to make 4 and then mix 4 together create meditation power. It is not separate.

Like Taiji power, if you don’t have Chi Gong, flexible power, concentration power to have mind free, relaxing feeling power, don’t know how to breathe deep without stress. If you don’t have all these powers together. If you don’t have all these powers together. If you don’t understand philosophy power from foot, law of gravity Taiji never appear.

Meditation is the power to understand all of that.

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