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Logic – 20140803

Many different kinds of logic 

Position logic

  • One direction logic
    • 2 people, same amount of food, GD would say not enough, Micah say too much, each aware of only their own logic
    • Contradiction logic – 2 dimensions – each aware of their own logic and the other’s logic
    • Multiplied logic – as above…. With many

Chakra logic

  • Desire logic – whatever logic supports your surviving and continuing to survive
  • Passion logic – whatever logic supports your feelings and excitement towards life how it should be
  • Physical logic – whatever logic supports your own understanding of your body and movement
  • Emotion logic – whatever logic supports your own feelings towards yourself and whatever you connect to
  • Thinking logic – whatever supports your own calculation

Fake logic

  • People who like to talk logic smart ideas not to actually care about themselves understand deep logic.
  • They have a deep intention ego that wants to prove to others and show they remember, that they know that, sometimes even want to confuse others make people think they are wiser . They aware others can’t understand something, so they use logic higher then them to keep them confused and make them look smart.

Stubborn logic

Your own logic that prevents you from seeing other logic, your awareness boundary, you see your own logic so strong in it you can’t aware other logic

3 groups 

  • Material logic
    • You have material body and live in material world so your logic makes sense in that world
  • Energy god logic
    • Their body built by energy so they sense information we cannot.
      • Example: We can’t walk through walls, but they can, so in their logic walls are not solid for them.
  • Empty god logic
    • They have no form so the way they see life is totally different

Eternal truth of logic – Sifu to explain next time J

Definition of logic:

  • Simple and short definition of logic means – whatever you are aware of or makes more sense for you

 But true definition of logic is:

  • Logic is illusion.
  • Logic is not logic, because all logic is from ego I limitation awareness ability.
  • From there we judge so it is like the blind people that touch the elephant, each person has a logic from their own view, but its their own blind relative logic.
  • Truly any logic from personal individual angle to look at it is already blind so it is not logic anyway
  • But because whatever they aware of for them is true, you call that temporary or relative logic, but it is still always from their personal ego and their blindness
  • And because it comes from their personal, ego and their blindness it creates suffering for them
  • Logic is whatever makes sense for your level of awareness boundary.
  • Logic is where the suffering comes from.
  • Logic is not logic

Think about it: When your I and my disappear, your physical illusion I disappear where is your logic? What happens before you had this logic. 

Question to Sifu: 

But didn’t you always teach us you have to follow logic. 

Answer from Sifu:

My logic is connected to Eternal Truth of Life, 3 Eternal Dharma Truths, its called Eternal Truth of Logic. 

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