How we fall into reincarnation

How we fall into reincarnation

1: Our consciousness has desire power searching for something ( 6 awareness abilities )

2: That searching create 6 searching ability tools

(6 senses)

3: Then creates there must be something to be searched 

(6 information)

4: Through both we are creating whatever you are aware of

(6 awareness boundaries)

5: We take that development as reality

6: finally we stuck there non stop for lifetime.

That is called reincarnation

2 thoughts on “How we fall into reincarnation

  1. anno 2540 they enlighted myself on the island koh samui. 2542 i get reincarnated in the mountain-village doi pui as “the narai”. i found my master “khruba in into” on my way to the inthanon to give him their message to him. 2nd day he has given his blessing to me. 7 years later i found out who i am now…”luang poh munggorn farang” the 10th reincarnation of the “…”

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