Heart Sutra Explanation – another angle

Heart Sutra – Explanation – Another angle

The fastest way to help everyone to be aware of the eternal truth.

The fastest wisdom to help every life be awakened.

The fastest system to make you aware the truth of life.

Observing Self Being Bodhisattva deeply developed the 6 bodhisattva characters and from that became aware that the 5 developments are empty and released all the suffering.

Ser Li Tso is the student’s name. All the appearing form is empty, empty is all the appearing form. 5 developments, to receive all the information, is also empty. They are illusion, but the essence is eternal. Never born, never die. No beginning no end. And in that essence whatever illusion experience you have are empty. 

Your seeing, listening, all the 6 sense are all illusion.

In that pure awakened consciousness there’s no blindness, no suffering and no suffering to release.

Because of that, your essence is free and no more fear or worry. Because there is no fear, it will no more create blindness illusion, all this temporary trick of greed. From that way, your consciousness can awaken and realise this wisdom is the highest complete truth.

So this wisdom all the Buddha follow it and awaken, and say to everyone it is the fastest way to help every life be awakened and be aware of all the eternal truth.

The first part it talks about there is consciousness through training meditation, learning and observing life, can reach a level called observing self being. It means truly know who you are, your true self, the power to be. No more will other people, other life influence you.

In that stage you understand the 5 developments, which is your consciousness receives through this body, calculates, act/react and then be aware of what’s going on, that process they are illusion, they nonstop come and go. Because they are illusion and come and go, they are empty. Your heart starts to realise that you don’t want to attach to that blindness, and then you start to feel all the worry and fear we have is attached to illusion, it’s so stupid, let it go, your heart becomes free and joyful, hold nothing.

Once you start to have no fear and hold nothing, you actually develop kind and care towards every life. Because when you are free, the next step is you want to help everyone to be free. Because of this they can become Buddha. They are totally awakened and able to enjoy life, but not trapped in the suffering illusion of life. Able to have pure kind of developing that being, instead of everything control you to become something.

You, according to this philosophy, are called causation being. It means so many things influence you to become the way you are. Your parents, education, knowledge, ability, blind choice, blind habit, the space of earth, your body condition, everything all influences you. The form of your body, temporary you, is constantly changing and that’s not even you, your true self.

Observing Self Being Bodhisattva through observing all that illusion is trapped and controlled by all different kind of cause, he sees through all that illusion and sees it is empty, his heart no longer connects to that. His heart directly just be, be kind, be free and be sure with the wisdom to help every life, help every life out of suffering and find freedom. And for that many, many lifetimes, eventually become Buddha.

From doing that his heart is free, no more fear, no more worry. Not only that, help every life to awaken, have no more fear and worry and learn to do meditation out-of-body and be free from all the space like all the Buddha.

When they reach this level they understand their true heart. Their true heart is searching, searching for one thing…. Freedom. Nothing worse to have than when your heart is not free. When your heart becomes a slave towards someone, or something, all you have is suffering.

So observing self being Bodhisattva reached that amazing stage, heart see through all illusion, completely free. Then with that freedom becomes a free will and free heart to help every life learn to be awakened, to be free.

So the first part of this follows the Heart sutra song and gives a general translation, the second part follows the song for a general description of content.


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