Greatest wisdom nirvana

The Greatest Nirvana

The Greatest Nirvana

What is true eternal nirvana ?

Buddha has a conversation with one of his last students on Earth. This student was very sharp and wise in philosophy.

He asked Buddha this question.

Holy Incredible, Eternal Perfect, Siddhartha Buddha,

You teach us that everything that happens is part of causation – cause and effect.

That all the appearing form is constantly changing.

So the cause, that is what you teach is constantly changing.

You also teach that you are going to reach final Buddha awareness.

The cause is not eternal 

The result is not eternal 

So what you teach (to become Buddha) does not match.

The student brings 2 ideas:

One – Everything is causation 

Two – Everything is changing 

So, to summarise his question:

“How can you reach compete nirvana – eternity?”

Buddha answers:

Your True Self is already eternity.

Yes my eternity through a blind way originally creates all this not-eternity body and not-eternity space.

(True self creates this temporary time ego body in illusion being – which is the power of causation.)

So eternity can create not-eternity.

So by teaching you what is not-eternity, it is teaching you The Greatest Nirvana – to understand what is not-eternal.

Eternity is:

 – No changing

 – Joy with no suffering

 – True self 

 – Complete Pure – like empty space – can’t change .

Eternity is when consciousness remains in these four stages.

Further Detail:

Philosophy is the bridge to being eternal, or remaining at this stage of eternal.

Because we don’t understand life, we start with blindness.

Greed is our gateway to negative consciousness.

So by cleaning out our own greed, hate and stupidity, then eternal has a chance to appear.

Your own feeling is not you. You feel it, so it cannot be you! Otherwise you are feeling…. nonsense.

It comes from a mix of many causes to create that feeling. If you take it as you it is illusion of illusion.

Then true self is not able to be free anymore.

Earth as a planet is very negative. Most consciousness are selfish and negative. That is why Buddha called this time Dharma Ending Time.

But like the lotus takes muddy dirt to become pure, take every life as important. Every life is equal important. 

Our blindness has natural judging and comparing heart involved, this creates a feeling which creates greed, which is a trick and not our true self. 

Anything you are greedy for, even for a short time, when the intention is wrong, you should never follow it.

When you are not greedy for anything then your essence appears. Free appears naturally. You don’t have to look for it.

Bad things don’t connect. Good things with bad intention don’t connect .

Become aware that all of this leads to suffering if you don’t follow wisdom.

That is the bridge to go back to your essence.

Create willing heart to love yourself and every life and this heart will naturally appear.

That is the Greatest Wisdom Nirvana.

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