empty space emptiness buddhism

Empty Space

Empty Space cannot be destroyed

An Empty Space has no form, but we can see the form of empty space

Space is not consciousness

The power to see cannot see itself, consciousness is the power to be aware of what you are seeing. However that power cannot see itself.


Consciousness has no space

Consciousness is not space

If consciousness is space then it’s not consciousness

If consciousness is empty space then the empty space would have awareness like us

Space is not consciousness, doesn’t matter if it is empty space or form

Consciousness is another dimension

Consciousness is even more empty but we cannot see it

Consciousness is 100% pure existing without any possibility of any form, not even empty space form

As you are using it you can’t see it, how can something see itself, how can A see A?

The Intention of the consciousness has no form

Because it has no form it can be born into every form

No form can match any form

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