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Smile When You Study Philosophy


You should smile when you’re learning philosophy, you should feel joyful because you’re happy to receive the wisdom. If you don’t create that feeling, you don’t have a spiritual power, a spiritual heart, to appreciate the philosophy yet. You are only using mental power so you will not remember the philosophy deeply from heart where it would become your strength right away.

Learn to appreciate from heart the opportunity to learn Spirits, which will make your body light and joyful; don’t just concentrate with your mind and be serious and heavy.

Your body language is controlled by your subconscious. When your heart is open, your body follows, and it shows in your facial expression. If I see your subconscious is not connected to the philosophy I know you are only using your mental power.

Do you appreciate this chance to learn wisdom or not? Do you want to be awakened or not? Then make your heart control your body, your face. That’s part of your training. Be joyful, light, and excited to learn the philosophy. Don’t be serious, or stressed, or nervous.

Sean Pig

Sometimes when I’m learning the philosophy, it’s quite a shock to compare my blindness to the truth of life or calculate the truth of life into my blindness.


That’s part of what you are learning: to be calm and joyful while observing that shock.

Of course, you don’t have that power yet! That’s why I tell you that you have to push yourself. You’ve all been learning for many years so you can’t just stay at the mental level. You have to use your deeper heart to learn; only then you will reach a much higher level.


This post is taken from a talk by Forever Wisdom Forest on 8 December 2013 at the Sydney dojo.

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