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Amitabha Buddha’s 48 Wills

Pure Land of Unlimited Joy

  1. The Pure Land will remain pure; there will be no bad karma.
  2. What you develop you won’t lose; your level will never decrease.
  3. You will have an energy body made of golden light.
  4. You will have 32 perfect Buddha features.
  5. Every consciousness in the Pure Land will be perfect in a different way.
  6. You will have karma reading ability.
  7. You will have Sky Eyes ability: material, energy, essence, wisdom, Buddha.
  8. You will have Sky Ears ability.
  9. You will have Sky Heart ability.
  10. You will have Sky Move ability.
  11. You will be able to divide consciousness to bow to all the Buddhas in their Pure Lands.
  12. Your heart will be secure that you will surely become Buddha.
  13. You will have Unlimited Light ability.
  14. The light will bring you unlimited joy and contentment.
  15. You will have Unlimited Lifetime ability.
  16. Every consciousness in the Pure Land is spiritual.
  17. All the Buddhas will see the Pure Land and say that it is incredible.
  18. If you hold nothing, cause no bad karma, and say Amitabha’s name ten times with a sincere heart, then you will surely make it to the Pure Land.
  19. If you hear Amitabha’s name and understand his system, your heart will open to the Pure Land.
  20. The moment you are out-of-body, one of the following will happen:
    1. you will be guided by spiritual lights into a material lotus in a Pure Land temple, or
    2. all the bodhisattvas will appear to guide you to a Pure Land energy lotus, or
    3. Amitabha will appear to guide you to the Pure Land universal lotus.
  21. Regret your bad karma and purify your heart towards the three conditions to go to the Pure Land.
  22. You will be born into a strong male form.
  23. If you are tired of female suffering, Amitabha will support you to change to a male appearance in your next lifetime.
  24. You will be born in a lotus, with no parents.
  25. If you travel to the energy universe, energy gods will respect and bow to you.
  26. Amitabha’s name is a good karma seed. If heard, it will influence your life even if you don’t understand its meaning.
  27. If you bow sincerely, Amitabha will protect you and provide the best systems for your spiritual development in this lifetime.
  28. The three non-spiritual karmas don’t appear in the Pure Land: Neutral, Animal and Bad.
  29. Every life will develop spiritual meditation ability.
  30. You will learn the final Buddha wisdom: how to stop all the blindness.
  31. No consciousness in the Pure Land is greedy for any Illusion I.
  32. You will develop the three unlimited force bodies, Na-Rouen: unbreakable, unthinkable, incredible.
  33. You will have unlimited wisdom lights for teaching other life.
  34. You will have the ability to see through dharma, both positive and negative.
  35. You will reach the final level of bodhisattva: future Buddha position.
  36. You will have the ability to help any consciousness in any time and any space.
  37. You will develop perfect material joy to learn spirits.
  38. You will be free to offer and receive spiritual gifts.
  39. Amitabha’s Pure Land will have four spiritual qualities of space: invaluable, perfect, free, and pure.
  40. The Pure Land has unlimited spiritual wisdom trees.
  41. Spiritual wisdom trees can show you all the Buddhas’ unlimited Pure Lands.
  42. Amitabha’s spiritual lights will shine in all the ten directions: North, Soth, East, West, Up Down, Birth, Death, Consciousness and Empty Space
  43. The spiritual smell from the Pure Land will connect to all other Pure Lands.
  44. All bodhisattvas in the Pure Land will reach equal awareness meditation – aware that every life is equal from all angle.
  45. All bodhisattvas will reach unlimited level of meditation to divide consciousness to bow to all the Buddhas in all of space.
  46. You will be aware of the unlimited, complete meaning of dharma: system, meaning, mantra, and boundless heart.
  47. You will learn the “Never Born” level of patience.
  48. You will reach the final level of bodhisattva and finally reach Buddhahood.

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