Four Steps to a Peaceful Heart

First Step

Make sure all of your intention comes from the heart as pure good intention towards every life.

When bad intention comes from the heart, stay calm and peaceful; do not engage with it, do not become involved with it, do not hold onto it. Make no judgements. If you do not follow it or go against it, then the negative intention will disappear by itself. You can also call the name of a Buddha or Bodhisattva, or meditate on about the Four Eternal Hearts and how you can use them to purify the intention.

Second Step

Be aware of your habits of worry, fear, or any other negative feeling (e.g. depressed, sad, grumpy, anxious). When a negative feeling appears:

  • do something positive and joyful
  • read pure, wise philosophy
  • read kind, generous philosophy
  • connect to beautiful, healthy nature
  • share time with joyful, good-intention, spiritual people
  • concentrate on staying with good intention.

By doing these things, you will be free from your fear, worry and all other negative habits.

Third Step

Remind yourself of the Three Eternal Dharma Truths.

All the appearing form is Illusion Being power, constantly changing. When you remember this, your heart will not try too hard to be possessive towards anything and will not take negative things too seriously. When you realise that all the appearing form is Illusion Being, your heart can stay free.

Remind yourself that your true self is not this four-element body, and that your four-element body actually comes from your true self: your consciousness. Care for your four-element body-temple. Create harmony, balance, freedom from tension, flexibility, agility, and liveliness to move your four-element body with grace and power.

Fourth Step

Remind yourself that your true self is your eternal, great intention towards every life. It has the power to remain eternally joyful, to be eternal wise, to show eternal compassion towards every life, and stay eternally free from greed.


This post is taken from a text written by Tim Pig on 15 June 2014 at the Sydney dojo.

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