Energy is not energy

  • Energy is not energy.
  • Energy is what we call energy.
  • Energy is a mystery.
  • It’s a mystery that we can aware of.
  • Energy exists but truly is empty.
  • Energy is the creative force, but is without observable reality.

Your idea of energy is wrong. Light is not bright; light is dark: it reflects off things. Light is a wave. This mat I’m sitting on does not have colour; blue is only the colour we see. Energy reflects brightness.

Energy is dark. If you turn the lights off, the mat is no longer blue. Energy brings colour to the mat. Life is greatly mysterious: illusions of illusions, tricks of tricks.

All things have the same essence. All energy is Illusion Being. Illusion Being doesn’t cover all the angles about energy, but energy covers all the angles of Illusion Being.

Empty space is pure energy.

If that is the case, then what is material? What is wisdom? If everything is energy, then how can we count to one? What is all the appearing form? What is information?

Everything that moves is energy. Everything you see is energy. When empty space is moving, it creates illusion. Illusion Being is empty space moving.

If you observe anything completely, you will understand everything completely.

The first wisdom is: I don’t know wisdom. The second wisdom is: be curious to know what wisdom is. Wisdom will choose to follow wisdom. Wisdom will choose to remove blindness.

I ask myself, “Do I know wisdom? Am I satisfying the definition?” Scientists in this world observe things for a long time, but I’m not greedy to understand everything all at once. I calmly and slowly find more angles until I pass from observation to understanding every angle.

Ask yourself “Do I really know what it is?” Find the holes in your logic. Observe deeper. Wisdom is an attitude to knowing, so start humbly.

Read the Dictionary of Life

How does this class connect to the Pure Land? It’s also Illusion Being, but it is constantly changing in a pure way.

We die because our blind lifestyle wears down our body, rather than keeping it light and making it stronger. In changing, we use energy that damages our bodies and the Earth. The truth of life is eternal: blindness creates damage, so we create our own death.

Wisdom does not appear: we cannot create pureness because we don’t know how to avoid blindness.

The Three Eternal Dharma Truths connect to the Pure Land

If you understand the truth of life, you will no longer try to hold anything. When you don’t know how to enjoy life, you have suffering. Have you ever tried to hold onto something and suffered because of it? Have you ever just let it all go and found you enjoyed life more?

Do not create bad karma

Habits are like a snowball. Bad habits – smoking, drinking, chasing sex, animal blindness – won’t happen to me. Be wise and bad karma will not come. Ask Amitabha Buddha to accept you as a student. He wants you to study in his Pure Land, but you have to purify yourself according to the three conditions: hold nothing, do not create bad karma, and bow sincerely ten times.

All the spiritual energy is inside you. You have to wake it up by understanding the truth of life, understanding your ego, and knowing how to live correctly without holding anything. Whatever you have is a constantly changing power. People who are blind cannot see an elephant; people who know it’s an illusion, but still say it’s an elephant are doubly blind.

This post is taken from a talk by Forever Wisdom Forest on 21 October 2011 at the dojo in Sydney.

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