No Beginning, No End Great Sun Buddha

Question (Red Bull):

I was trying to understand the idea of eternity and Great Sun Buddha and what that means. The No Beginning, No End idea creates an understanding of a consciousness.

Answer (Sifu)

Great Sun Buddha represents the original essence Buddha, so that means there can be no first or second Buddha, right?

But when you talk about time – No Beginning, No End – time doesn’t exist in space: a rock doesn’t feel time. Time comes from consciousness. Consciousness can calculate time with its thinking power, can sense time with its biological power, can feel time pass, go slowly, go too quickly, cause stress, make you too hurried… all this is part of your time feeling. Time only exists because consciousness exists.

When we say No Beginning, No End, that is the longest time possible, so it still belongs to consciousness. When you say No Beginning, No End, you are saying a consciousness can be aware of that feeling. So usually it is a consciousness with no limitations, so it can feel all of space and all of time.

If that consciousness is before beginning, then surely it is also the end of the first Buddha, so it represents the essence Buddha. When your consciousness has been purified and you have successfully developed the Four Eternal Hearts, you will have the same awareness as that unlimited No Beginning, No End Buddha. At that moment, you will meet Great Sun Buddha.

Great Sun Buddha is not like other Buddhas, who all start somewhere, experience a journey, pass through lot of suffering, and then create a Will to help all life out of suffering. They learn the wisdom to get rid of suffering, and then use that same wisdom to help others. That’s how a Will develops. Amitabha Buddha didn’t want to see other lives take a long time to become bodhisattva after having reached the beginning of the spiritual level. They would have to experience a lot of suffering first, so he made a Will to create a Pure Land to help life develop from a low spiritual level to a perfect level.

All bodhisattvas and Buddhas pass through suffering, and then they create a Pure Land from their compassion. Because Great Sun Buddha has No Beginning, No End, he didn’t do this. His only natural Will is that when you become Buddha, he will contact you and share the enlightenment with you, proving that you have become Buddha. Only a Buddha can be aware of what Great Sun Buddha is aware of, which is all the consciousness in unlimited time and space.

Question (Sean Pig):

Does that mean Great Sun Buddha was never empty?

Answer (Sifu)

He was always empty. He is the original, complete-awareness consciousness.

Say that there a big tree, so strong and powerful that is has lived a long time, then one day it creates fruit and little seeds in the fruit. All the seeds can one day become as strong and powerful as that first tree. So all the other consciousness also have the potential to become the same as Great Sun Buddha, and be completely aware of all of space and time. When you are aware of all space and time, you will have complete No Beginning, No End awareness.

To develop that ability, you need to learn to be like a farmer who plants an orchard. The farmer has to learn a lot of things: what season to plant, what sort of soil, how much fertiliser, how to prevent insects from eating the trees, and how much water to give. He must use all his knowledge and care until the orchard finally bears fruit.

So you have to be that farmer. Take care of your spiritual seed until it has been completely developed. The Four Eternal Hearts are the seed of your eternal heart. Even the philosophy that the Buddhas and bodhisattvas teach is more like a map, a guide. Truly, if you want to enjoy the journey, it has to be your own will.

Question (Sean Pig):

Is there a cause for Great Sun Buddha?

Answer (Sifu)

The cause of Great Sun Buddha is all the dharma joined together. He is aware of all causes, but not limited by those causes. Empty space has no border, empty space is all connected. A cup looks like you have enclosed an empty space, but truly it is not limited. So you can use empty space to think about Great Sun Buddha.

Question (Sean Pig):

Will there always be blind consciousness?

Answer (Sifu)

There are unlimited blind consciousness waiting to start their journey. Consciousness exists in an unlimited way: each consciousness has the potential to become unlimited. There is no possibility of you understanding Great Sun Buddha by heart yet. Even a bodhisattva cannot do this. Only at the moment you become Buddha will you understand. All you can have is sincere heart respect and mental understanding of that awareness. No Beginning, No End is to be completely aware of all space and time, the essence.

This is how we bow to him: No Beginning, No End, aware of all the consciousness, and all of space and time, Great Sun Buddha, please accept my sincere bow.

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