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The Law of Martial Art God: Weapon Training

Discipline 1: Pose and Feeling Control

Start with the pose, as if being eternal, ending with silence, as if there is no time.

  • Beginning with any pose, you must concentrate fully, without fear, and feel as if the whole universe is focused on you as its centre. Trust yourself as if you control the entire force of the eternal universe. When you stop moving, feel as if time no longer exists while being steady like a calm mountain or the empty space of the universe.

Discipline 2: Falling Move Control

Every falling move has to twist immediately and follow gravity, like the way water forms a whirlpool when you unplug a sink.

  • The sinking and twisting motion starts with the feet, follows on to the centre of the body, then shoulders, elbows, wrists, and finally ends with the fingers.

Discipline 3: Lifting Move Control

Any force going up must follow the easiest direction (the one for which you need the lightest force to move).

  • Meanwhile push against gravity with a straight spine which steadily connects to the feet, like a tornado that twists up, but is still connected to the ground.

Discipline 4: Tension Control

Any move at any speed must be free of tension, even while changing the speed of the motion.

  • In any situation and in any position, the body has to increase its power without physical tension.

Discipline 5: The Challenge of Speed Control

Control your movements from very slow to very fast, from very fast to complete stillness, or from silence to an immediate explosion of utmost speed.

  • All these different changes have to be learned until you can freely and naturally control any move in any angle, as your heart wishes.

Discipline 6: Attitude Control

Learn to the point where you are 100% confident that what you do is perfect.

  • Always try to do the best you can, without causing yourself excessive stress.

Discipline 7: Body Connection Control

Be aware of every part of your body (hips, toes, fingers, etc.) and connect the power from them to the Seven Chakra core (perfectly aligned spine and head).

  • Be aware that your whole body weight rests on the feet. Every flowing motion starts with the strength of the feet and ends in the fingers. No tension is allowed in any part of the body.

Discipline 8: Harmony Control

Feel excited and relaxed at the same time (the more excited you are, the more relaxed you should be).

  • Do not move if you are too excited, or not relaxed enough. To balance yourself, be less excited, instead of more relaxed.

Discipline 9: Consciousness Control

Be a performer and a spectator at the same time by dividing consciousness.

  • This training should be done at all times in your regular life. It’s the fastest way to develop your consciousness to become sharp, sensitive, and free to be aware of anything.

Discipline 10

All of the previous disciplines are extremely difficult… take it easy, be patient.

Martial Art God - Guan Gong

3 thoughts on “The Law of Martial Art God: Weapon Training

  1. The idea is to be able to draw upon the energy of the entire universe, not to think that you are the reason for the entire universe existing. How you use that energy – for good or for bad – is up to you. If you use the energy for a wise and kind intention, such as protecting someone who is being robbed, then that is Buddhism. If you use the energy in a greedy way, such as robbing people, it is obviously not.
    Buddhism teaches that ego is neither good nor bad. It’s only when that ego goes too far that you stop valuing other life. Developing your strength and martial arts ability is not out of the spirit of Buddhism.
    The universe is the power of changing and part of reincarnation. Buddhism teaches to see through this trick. To “be one with” the universe would be blind. The goal is to be aware of the universe but remain eternally independent and living in free will.
    Good question.

  2. All is meaningful except for the first statement,” Feel as if the whole universe is focused on you as its universe” Buddhism teaches us not to be egotistic. To think the entire universe is focused on you is egotistic,unless you meant “BE ONE” with the universe….?

  3. Being the center is not being center egoist. Being center to help every life and respect them is the true spirits. May you also find your strong kindness wise heart center and share that joy and loving with everyone. I enjoy your comment, keep in touch. Answer directly by Sifu 🙂

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