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The Law of Martial Art God: Top Secrets of Self-Defence

Let’s first compare martial art training to driving a racing car, before explaining the top secrets of self-defence.

  • A well-trained martial art body (strong bone density, well-developed muscles, and flexibility) is the high-tech design of a racing car’s shape.
  • The force of martial art (energy and speed) is the engine.
  • The fighting technique (ability to use martial art) is the driving skill.
  • The intention of martial art (showing off, self-defence, or spiritual development) is the race.

The Secrets of Self-Defence

The first secret: United Force

When untrained people fight, they usually start by moving their hands. The force is not controlled by the whole body’s strength; it’s as if racing car’s engine only has one gear: all the actions are slow.

The top martial art instruction is “Prepare the whole body’s strength before moving the hand or leg.”

The second secret: Emotion Control

If you show too obviously that you are preparing the whole body’s strength, people will either try to hit you before you act, or get scared and run away.

“Prepare the strength while you seem still relaxed, without any aggression or tension.”

The third secret: Force Control

If you try to defend with the whole body’s strength, you’ll have no power to attack.

“Avoid the enemy’s attack with right timing by using just enough force, and save the rest of your strength to counter-attack.”

The fourth secret: Position Control

If you put all your attention on blocking an attack, you will have stop and think to make a new defence or change to an attack.

“Read people’s intentions, emotions, and body language. Be prepared to get into a better position to avoid the attack and strike back at the same time.”

The fifth secret: Attack Control

If your full force attack doesn’t completely impact on your target, it will be too difficult to make the next defence or attack action.

“Never let a strong force attack go 100% right away. Save 60% of the force so you are able to change the angle for the next necessary motion. You should only explode with all the force when you’re positive that you’ll reach the target.”

The sixth secret: Intention Control

When your true intention is obvious and preventable, it is easier for your opponent to prepare a defence or attack before you can move.

“Show first your true intention within defence or attack actions to mislead your opponent. Then change to trick them with your fake intention facial expression and body language. Win by pretending.”

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