Yoga has a 5000-year-long history. It began in the Himalayan Mountains region, with just a few people who were using magic mushrooms and other kinds of natural drugs to open their deep consciousness. Those who didn’t become psychotic or get killed by the drugs found profound information about life hidden in their consciousness. Later on, they developed meditation training which you can use to reach a deep-calm state through stretching.

Over time, various yoga groups were formed using the secret information and training systems. Today, yoga has hundreds of different forms, but there are three main organisations.

The first, Sincere Heart, believes that using a sincere heart to bow to the Idea God will help you escape from reincarnation and live in Heaven from the next lifetime on. Some people believe that Jesus Christ learned this style of yoga. According to their research, he was the first Yogi to bring this philosophy to the Western world.

The second is Action Group. They believe that through perfect non-stop action (including training your body), you will learn to ignore the Personal I, reach Emptiness, and unite with God. Most modern yoga stretching groups are based on this system.

The third is Thinking Group. They believe that through non-stop logical thinking about any kind of information about life, you can reach the point of complete understanding of God. Finally, you can give up thinking and open your deep soul to God. This group pays more attention to philosophy.

For most people, however, yoga is just some kind of stretching or meditation exercise from India.

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