Monkey King - Wu Kong - Four Elements Martial Art

The Main Martial Art Philosophy of Tai Chi

Training System

  • Move in harmony and keep the spine straight. Be steady like a mountain, but act like wind.
  • Be light and sensitive. The whole body’s strength remains connected as one. Energy vibrates exciting.

Defend System

  • Stay calm: observe and be aware of the coming situation so you have a better chance to defend and attack at the same time.
  • Stay in contact with the opponent without going against him so you can anticipate his moves and search for weak points. Then you’ll control the fight.

Power System

  • All the forces start from the feet, lead to the waist, and end in the fingers.
  • Use the strength of energy explosion, free like empty space. Prepare your power without letting your opponent know.

Control System

  • Stand square with strong but flexible roots. Use circular moves freely to defend and attack with sharp, spinning triangle (Physical control).
  • Be aware of your body motion in the Four Elements. Be free to copy the strength of all lives, as your heart wishes (Consciousness control).

Being Nature

  • Every move is a trick of Yin and Yang, to attack and defend in one movement, free to change with no limitation.
  • Intention, feelings, and actions are like a blowing cloud or flowing water. All your movements should be like nature.

General Description

  • To have no tension, free your body and your intention. The true freedom is being aware of the essence of life: wuji (no limitation).
  • When wuji acts, it creates Tai Chi (Yin and Yang together). These two extreme, opposite forces divide into the Four Elements (earth, water, fire, and wind).

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