Perfect Poem

Poem about perfect

  • Perfect is not perfect; that’s why it’s perfect. If perfect is perfect then there’s no perfect. Because perfect is never going to be perfect, so it would always remain perfect. True perfect is always complete perfect and never going to be perfect-like.
  • Perfect is a trick: it tricks you to make it perfect.
  • Perfect is not just a trick: it’s the perfect trick which needs no other tricks.
  • Perfect Tricks trick themselves perfectly.
  • Perfect Tricks trick more tricks.
  • Perfect Trickiness has no tricks. That’s why it’s totally tricky.
  • Perfect cannot be created and cannot be reached: it can be only discovered. If perfect can be created and reached, then surely it’s not perfect.
  • Perfect cannot be limited or unlimited only. It cannot be logical or illogical either.
  • Perfect is everywhere and nowhere.
  • Perfect is in any time and in no time.
  • Perfect truly exists and can never be found. You’re never going to get it, you cannot hold it either.
  • Perfect can appear anywhere in any time, when you’re no longer searching for perfect and no farther away from being perfect.

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