There is always a way to enjoy life in every moment. Enjoying life is wisdom.

The ability to create happiness in every moment is true wisdom.

If you don’t feel happy, then you have to find a way to make a calculation to be a happy person in your own life, not with other people.

If you don’t understand this basic truth, then you are already heading in the wrong direction.

Most people don’t understand this: you put the responsibility for your happiness on other people, other situations. You follow your own blindness, which allows your ego and blindness to create more and more blindness.

Finally, every problem will come back to you and yet you don’t understand why you can’t get away from the stress that you are suffering.

Truly, you have the power to get rid of this suffering once you put responsibility on yourself.

Instead of blaming other people or situations, say to yourself “I am suffering because of my own…”

  • laziness
  • insecurity
  • possessiveness
  • big ego
  • searching heart
  • judging heart
  • greed
  • arrogance
  • ignorance
  • naivety
  • all of the above

Clean them out with philosophy.

Is what you are doing in the right (spiritual) direction? Does it have function? Does it come from a good intention? What qualities does it have? Is it a wise solution now and in future?

Observe the situation from many angles.

Everyone needs more creation power.

Say to yourself, “I am going to enjoy my life: whatever position I’m in, whatever situation I’m experiencing, or relationship I’m involved in, whatever responsibility I have, whoever I am in contact with or whether I am alone.”

Finding a way to always enjoy life is wisdom.

Look at other people and ask yourself, “How do they create happiness?”

This post is taken from a talk by Forever Wisdom Forest on 24 August 2012 at the Sydney dojo.

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