7 Chakras

  • First Chakra
    Red energy. Name: Desire Ocean. Function: supporting the needs of sex, eating, possession, fame, and power to control other lives, as Desire.
  • Second Chakra
    Orange energy. Name: Passion Lights. Function: controlling the body’s temperature and all the different temperatures in the universe. It’s also the motivation to convince Desire to go further, as Passion.
  • Third Chakra
    Yellow energy. Name: Physical Activity. Function: uniting different speeds of energy to become all kinds of forms, such as our physical body and all the galaxies in the universe. It’s also the sport power and action of making Desire become reality, as Physical Force.
  • Fourth Chakra
    Green energy. Name: Healing Heart. Function: curing life forms and developing the relationships between Individual I and others. It’s a power of sharing physical activities; then love or hate grows, as Emotions.
  • Fifth Chakra
    Blue energy. Name: Observing truth. Function: observing, recognizing, memorizing, and organizing all the experiences of existence – including Desire, Passion, Physical Activity, and Emotions – while searching for the true meaning behind all of these, as Logical Thinking.
  • Sixth Chakra
    Purple energy. Name: Time Circle; Wisdom Light. Function: directly recognising the true meaning behind all the signs, forms, behaviours, and actions in unlimited time at the same time. It’s a force far beyond the regular human level. Has the magic power to create different kinds of miracles, as Intuition Force.
  • Seventh Chakra
    Bright, transparent white energy with reflections of millions of colours. Name: Incredible Unlimited Dharma; Perfect Illusion Wonder Space; Completely Kind, Caring, Joyful and Free Consciousness. Function: developing immeasurable sense power (eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and brain) to connect to unlimited time and space. It’s a power of unlimited force, as Perfect Free Consciousness. Every life has always the chance to develop their consciousness until they can completely use the energy of the Seven Chakras.

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