True Love

True love is not to love a particular object (e.g. a person, material, or god). It’s not an idea or a philosophy, nor is it to love whatever we call abstract oneness, such as all the life forms, the nature and the rest of the universe. Love is also not to search for truth, or to follow any kind of belief.

You cannot get true love, nor can you lose it. It’s not any kind of personal intention, thinking, or action, and there is no procedure, process, or result. It’s not in the past, future, or present.

Love is not limited by time or space, but cannot exist without time and space. Love is not any sort of private or personal emotion. It’s not the desire to own, or the desire to be owned.

Then what is love?

True love is self-being with a true open heart to enjoy any kind of wonderful being and the ability to learn and absorb this wonderful being.

Love is to release and develop our own potential wonderful awareness, and to help others do the same by connecting to all the wonderful existing appearances (e.g. beautiful music, elegant movement, kind behaviour).

Love is generosity, to share pure kindness, the art of beauty, and our sincere Will of being truthful.

Love is to purify our intention, speaking, and action. It’s the wisdom of knowing how to purify our heart: not to hold, not to grab, not to be possessive.

True love is true wisdom. To share this incredible wisdom, to purify our true heart and others is the truth of true love, and also the eternal truth ability. To harmonise ourselves with all the universe being.

Love is the Four Eternal Hearts: pure kindness, pure caring, joy, and freedom from greed.

Love is also an open, tolerant heart to be aware and to understand all other life. It is the power and freedom to create all the wonderful intention, speaking, and action.

True love is our only True Heart.

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